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Guns are not the problem

Published 11:18am Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dear editor,

In 1962 my dad was murdered. In 1994 my brother was put on a hit list to murder in Richmond, Calif. He was shot in the arms, both legs and chest, torched to death. My brother had a friend who was murdered up the street from where I live by one of the boys in our neighborhood. A friend of ours was murdered in a parking lot up the street from where we used to live. He threw an egg on the man’s car. During a funeral service in Alexander City, a man rose up and killed a man. My mother’s friend was murdered at the lake – double bridge. In Dayton, Ohio, a friend of mine who was a minister came to Bible study and murdered the pastor in front of all the church people.

One gun – one man murdered even though laws were on the book. This didn’t deter the killers from taking their victims’ lives. There is nothing wrong with a gun; the person decides for some reason to pick up a gun, load it and pull the trigger to cause bodily harm to another person.

Bullets don’t enter guns by themselves. People place them in guns. Guns don’t shoot by themselves; people shoot them. Rational people with guns think rationally; irrational people with guns think irrationally.

Weapons can be used for fun or sport or they can be used for vengeance or revenge as well as to murder. The law has nothing to do with a person’s will.

One murder is too many whether with knives, guns, beating, lynching or whatever. We as a people need to teach and show love not hate! Peace not war! Respect not disrespect for others and their property.

Remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered by a gunman as well as J.F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln.

If you read the Bible you will see that in the last days scripture declares that man would stop loving and hearts would grow cold, children will murder parents and they will be disobedient.

It’s time for the world to realize that laws don’t change people. Event the children of Israel, God’s own chosen people, could not obey the commandments and laws written by God.

Murder happened from the beginning of time. Remember Cain killed Abel because of envy and jealousy.

The solution is to repent world! Look to Jesus to help us be saved from this untoward generation. Only Jesus and the love of God will help us make and live out righteous laws that will stop murder in any form from happening in our homes, communities, churches and all over the world.

Stop the violence! Pray! Seek God! Turn from sin! Give Jesus our hearts and then we can love one another

Teresa Harell Moten

  • bamaboy65

    Very well said!

  • wildflower

    Ms. Moten’s gruesome descriptions of the deaths of her family members and friends was effective and compelling.
    I completely agree with her conclusion that it is the person not the gun which kills. Focusing on the instrument rather than the instigator is the best way for us to fail in our efforts to reduce violence and death.
    We hear a lot about “assault weapons” and are given the idea that those are special guns used to kill. Most thoughtful people realize that almost anything can be an assault weapon–guns,sticks, rocks, cars, knives, and even your own body. Thank you, Ms. Moten, for helping to bring the discussion to this point and for recounting what had to be very painful personal experiences.