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The danger of messing with God’s children

Published 10:10am Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dear editor,

There is danger when you mess with God’s children. Jesus asked Peter, are the children free? And who is the greatest? (Matthew 17:26, Matthew 18:1–6).

When you hear about the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., it breaks your heart. They were precious jewels of God’s – so young and innocent – and they had their whole lives taken in a split second.

No one should bear that kind of pain. It is too much.

The price was too high, and now it is time for the right changes to be made on gun control. These guns have no place on the streets where anyone can get them. We can’t keep looking the other way. We can’t keep defending the NRA and all their guns. We can’t let these children’s deaths be in vain.

This is not the time for the same excuses; now is the time for action. Get the guns off the street – next time it could be anywhere, so let’s don’t let there be a next time. Think with your heart, not your wallet.

Evil is all around, but if we pray and do the right thing you will repay evil with good. I pray that your hearts will change and we will do the right things – we can’t wait. The risk for not acting is too high; we cannot chance it; the stakes are too high.

Giving principals and teachers guns is not a good thing. The principals and teachers along with the school system and the police department are doing a wonderful job here in Tallapoosa County.

I know because I went to Jim Pearson School back here in 2010. On my way there, I heard on the radio there was a shooting at a school and a teacher was killed. When I got to Jim Pearson, I couldn’t get in. I banged on the door 10 minutes, and I stepped over to left to an office window. I knocked on it and a young lady let me in. I began to tell her about the shooting and killing on the news I told her I’m glad I couldn’t get in, and I told her to keep it up.

So you see, guns are not needed. Common sense is the key, and the schools have it. So congratulations to all the schools for keeping our children safe. I give them praise. The school system works, and I’m proud of that because the children depend on the adults to make the right decisions for them.

Arlean Wyckoff

  • bamaboy65

    Herod used swords to kill all males under the age of two in the time of Jesus earthly life, do you want to ban swords and knives? The armies who swept across the middle east from the beginning of time have used swords, spears, clubs, rocks, fire etc. to take lives. The only reason they did not use guns is because they were not invented yet. Yes there is a special place in hell for people who shed innocent blood and that is GOD’s decision. You see banning guns will do no more good than banning sticks and stones in preventing violence. We need to get this country to reverse the moral decline we are in and get back to GOD and the founding fathers vision for this country and hold the ones who commit these crimes responsable and pray for the victims. So in closing, banning guns,fertilizer,planes,swords,knives,sticks,stones,spears or anything else that can be used to commit a crime is not the answer, however seeking GOD as a country again seems to be a good start to correcting what has gone wrong with this country and the people who live here.