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More guns laws are not the answer

Published 11:58am Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dear Editor,

When I heard of the school shooting in Connecticut last week I was sickened, as I’m sure all of you were.

We picture our children, and though we’re happy it wasn’t them, we feel so very sad for those involved. We wonder how it could have been avoided and how we can prevent it in the future. Should we are teachers, place law enforcement at schools or place restrictions on firearms?

I believe some on campus security would be beneficial, but I don’t believe more gun laws would. The federal “Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1991,” prohibiting possession of a firearm on or within 1,000 feet of a school, would have stopped school shootings if laws like this had the desired effect.

When I read a letter like the one by Mr. French, I realize he is a concerned citizen, but I believe his views to be a result of the horrific nature of the crime. He believes no one should have a pistol or a semi-auto, but a give shot 12-gauge shotgun is OK. Imagine a deranged murderer in a school with that and a packet full of buckshot. Will we ban that next?

When we made schools gun-free zones, our hearts were in the right place, but we created the perfect place for madmen. We don’t see these crimes where people are armed. The picture of a gun with a slash through it is like a neon sign for mass murderers. We need to take measures that would actually work, not make law-abiding gun owners feel like criminals.

If law enforcement officers need high capacity magazines for their pistols and rifles, when backup is only a radio call away, I believe you deserve the right to own the same to protect your family. Maybe if Mr. French really believes pistols are only for killing people, he should get rid of his.

Benjie Patterson