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Going over the moral cliff

Published 11:42am Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dear editor,

We have all heard about the fiscal cliff enough to know that as a nation we are in serious financial trouble. We want to keep spending what we don’t have, print more money, disregard the need for tax reform, let entitlements go unchecked and sit by and watch the debt go out of sight. But as I see it, this is only our number two problem, and it is a far second to our major issue.

The Moral Cliff does not get much press. In some cases, like rust and mold, it happens so slowly that you don’t see it happening right before your eyes. It just seems to creep into our culture. For those of us who are at retirement age, we have seen a major collapse of morals in our country since we were children. Have you seen some of the disgusting commercials that are on TV during family time? Whether it be on TV (cable/satellite) or the internet, the overwhelming absence of morality is horrifying!

We have all heard and seen much about the shocking tragedy in Newtown, Conn. It is probably impossible for most of us to understand the loss, pain and suffering of the families of those innocent children.

While that cannot be minimized, I ask, when has our nation mourned the intentional killing of 55,000,000 babies in this country? To eliminate the stand that some people may take, let’s for the moment not include abortions because of rape, incest, or saving the life of the mother. Now we are still talking about the vast majority of those 55,000,000 babies that were aborted (killed!) for convenience. Some, even healthy babies at full term. Hard to imagine!

Another moral issue is same-sex marriage. How dare the president of our United States stand and make an announcement that my grandchildren could hear when he supported this lifestyle. Our president is a “professing” Christian. The Bible makes it clear that marriage is between one man and one woman. Even after states voted to support the biblical view of marriage, some courts decided that the will of the people was not acceptable and amended laws to overrule the votes.

The good news is that God is still in charge. He is Sovereign. He is a God of love, but He is also a God of justice. He either makes things happen or He allows things to happen. If we are going down a road to disaster, it may be that as a nation we have some lessons to learn.

Our money states “In God We Trust,” but as a nation, in our hearts, we have abandoned God. I fear we have already gone over the Moral Cliff.

Joe Valenti

  • hushhhh

    So, Mr. Valenti has stated, “He is a God of love, but He is also a God of justice. He either makes things happen or He allows things to happen. If we are going down a road to disaster, it may be that as a nation we have some lessons to learn.”

    This is in the same article that mentions the tragedy in Connecticut. So, the assumption here is, God is so mad at us for going off the “moral cliff” that he’s going to let innocent children, attending school, die to teach us a lesson. Since you equate abortion to killing children – how is this different? Essentially, you’re saying God aborted 20 children that day – children that were already born, healthy and loved. How can you subject your grandchildren to such twisted logic about God. This horrible, twisted theology is far more dangerous to them than any talk of same-sex marriage.

    You want to talk about twisted? Let’s direct those grandchildren to read the Bible. According to the Bible, Adam and Eve only had sons – so, where did their grandchildren come from? Oh yes – she seduced her own son (after he killed his brother). Great, moral story! Abraham married his sister, then she invited him to have sex with her maid, Hagar. (Almost sounds like a sweet little Mother Goose story, doesn’t it?) What’s the Biblical punishment for a man who rapes an unmarried virgin?? Oh, yes – he has to MARRY her. Apparently, in the Bible it is not rape as long as the man says, “I do.”
    The good King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Family values at their best. Need a son, but haven’t had one yet? According to the Bible, you can have a slave rape your daughter – PROBLEM SOLVED! And, we can’t forget Lot’s poor wife . . . turned into a pilar of salt. So, I guess sometimes marriage is between a man and a kitchen condiment. (I guess anything is better than same-sex marriage, huh?)

    I think someone went off the moral cliff ages ago. And, now, in the name of God all sorts of folks want to tell us what God thinks. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: Most people create their theology around the prejudices they already hold dear, whether it is racism, homophobia, or, well, you name it. This is a God made in our image, not the other way around.

    You want to talk about a moral cliff – why aren’t you talking about how the “professing” Christians (same term you used to refer to President Obama)have stopped talking about caring for the poor, about following Jesus’ admonition to the rich young ruler – to sell all you have and follow him? The compassion for the poor is all but gone and has been replaced by judgement and condemnation (one thing that Jesus DID speak about). All that compassion is offered to unborn fetuses, but not much to children once they’re born – especially if they are poor. And, absolutely not if that child happens to grow up poor AND gay.

    The good news is – in my experience over years of working with kids and adults of all races, classes, gender and sexuality – those grandkids will get a chance to figure it out on their own – and they’ll get to meet a lot of people and hear a lot of voices other than just one — and, most likely – they’ll reach an opinion that will be much more compassionate and loving than the one Mr. Valenti paints.

    At least, I hope so.

  • bamaboy65

    Mr. Valenti, You must overlook the rantings of hushhhh, He has not had his daily dose fiber yet. I agree this country is in moral decline and is because of the warped thinking of people just like hushhhh and their pointless rants of how christians are destroying the world. They will never believe in GOD but the Bible has a verse just for the unbeliver also Psalm 14:1. Don’t get mad at me hushhhh when you read it, GOD said it first!

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