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Making lists and checking ‘em twice

Published 12:00pm Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It is indeed Christmas Day. So Merry Christmas to you first and foremost!
For the rest of the article’s theme, below will detail what I am hoping some of our statewide faces will find under their trees this morning.
Nick Saban – A non-complacent fan base: You’d think I would want him to find relaxation or inner happiness, but now I’m convinced that Saban doesn’t want those things. At least not right now.
Saban is a man driven by the idea of perfection while knowing that perfection is not achievable.
I do not believe Saban is the malcontent his non-fans make him out to be. Instead, I see Saban as college football’s Soup Nazi: He expects greatness from himself and his players so how can he expect any less from Alabama fans?
Therefore, here’s hoping that UA faithful don’t get fat and happy with the recent run of success.
Enjoy the moment, Tide fans, but don’t rest on your team’s accomplishments by abandoning attendance at next year’s A-Day game or by passing on that trip to College Station.
AJ McCarron and Reuben Foster -  Tattoo removal kits: In another example of a long line of reasons why I am thankful I have never inhaled enough alcohol to get a tattoo, McCarron and Foster have shown me that inking myself would have been a regrettable idea.
Look, the right tat in the right spot can certainly be sexy or personally meaningful.
Some people dig getting a tat and more power to them as far as I am concerned.
However, the wrong tattoo (i.e., the tattoo I would undoubtedly get) can be equally horrendous.
Foster, a senior at Auburn High School,  got his arm inked with the AU logo when he switched his commitment from ‘Bama to the Tigers.
As per Murphy’s Law, Foster has now de-committed from Auburn, but the tat remains no matter where he eventually signs.
McCarron’s chest tattoo, meanwhile, is … well … maybe you should just Google it and judge for yourself.
For a quarterback who has such a stellar record of fantastic in-game decisions, this off-the-field choice was incredibly interesting.
Gene Chizik – Dentures: What do you get the man who pulls in $200,000 plus per month to NOT work?
In Chizik’s case, I have to go with ‘teeth’ as I have never seen any photographic evidence that ol’ Gene actually has any.
Perhaps he has retractable pearly whites or maybe the camera angles just never seem to capture his chompers on film.
Whatever the case, my bet is Chizik hasn’t had corn on the cob in quite some time and with the money he has rolling in, it’s time he tasted the good life.
Gus Malzahn – Patience: New coaches always need patience, but Malzahn will especially.
Auburn’s roster is not as loaded as it appeared just a few months ago.
The shroud of over-hyped-ness on the depth chart has been lifted with the exits of Chizik and former assistant Trooper Taylor.
So far, Malzahn has impressed me with his acknowledgement of and willingness to address Auburn’s roster issues.
However, the fans are going to have to give him time to get new players on campus who can run his complicated system.
In the SEC, we aren’t known for our patience but Malzahn certainly deserves some. He is putting together a staff that knows this league so let them get their feet wet before you make a judgment on his future.
Merry Christmas again everyone! I want to thank everyone for reading this column even if you dog-cuss me afterwards.
Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful day!
Personally, I am picking up my three kids for an extended stay today so my Christmas is already made!
Robinson is a columnist for The Outlook.