Brothers Jimmy and Scotty Foshee are looking to sell their service station – one of the last full service stations around. | Alison James

Archived Story

Foshee’s stays in business

Published 12:01pm Saturday, December 22, 2012

Foshee Service Station on Tallapoosa Street is one of the last full service stations in the area, and although the owners are trying to sell, they hope it will stay that way.

Scotty and Jimmy Foshee had previously told people they were going to close at the end of the year but decided, on their real estate agent’s advice, to stay open until they sold the service station.

“It’s hard to sell anything in Alexander City right now,” Scotty said.

Jimmy and Scotty said they aren’t closing because business is bad. The two said they want to retire and travel more.

“We’ve got some great customers,” Scotty said. “We have one customer that’s 95 or 96 years old … He was one of the first customers Daddy had when he went in business in 1940.”

The Foshees said they have had a few people show interest in the service station, but they haven’t had any serious offers yet. They said they hope whoever purchases it will keep it a full-service gas station – one where the owners will do everything from pumping the gas, to washing the windshield, to checking the oil and the tires.

“I had two old women who started crying (when I told them we were closing),” Scotty said.

“I’ve had some that just about started crying that we’re closing – they went berserk,” Jimmy said. “They depend on us for everything.”

“Their husbands are dead – they don’t have anybody,” Scotty explained.

“So they call us,” Jimmy said. “I had one, when I told her, she said she wanted my phone number because she said, ‘If I have trouble, I’m calling you.’ And I gave it to her.’”

Foshee’s is located at 316 Tallapoosa Street, at the intersection of Tallapoosa and Franklin streets.