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Banning guns will not stop killings

Published 12:12pm Friday, December 21, 2012

By Woody Baird, guest columnist

Editor’s Note: Woody correctly remembered that I bought a Glock 19 pistol that holds 15 9 mm bullets from him at The Sure Shot a number of years ago. I do still have it, but have not carried it actively for a number of years and failed to count it when I wrote my column last week. Now I carry a Smith & Wesson Model 60 .357 revolver that holds five bullets (usually .38 caliber) or a Kahr Arms PM9 9 mm pistol that holds 6 bullets in the clip plus one in the chamber for a total of seven bullets. As a matter of full disclosure, the Kahr Arms pistol came with a second, longer clip that will allow the gun to hold 8 bullets, but I do not use the extended clip. Woody is also correct in saying that if multiple armed people broke into my house, I’d much rather have my shelved Glock at the ready. ~ Kenneth Boone

I read the editor’s and Mr. Bronson’s piece on the Connecticut shooting and couldn’t disagree more.

First, guns are tools. Guns are inanimate objects that do not respond to legislation. Our government and our justice system have failed the American people dismally. Still the powers that be refuse to address the true issue with this problem.

Columbine, Virginia Tech, Representative Gifford, Aurora Co., Clackamas Mall and Connecticut all have one common thread. All the shooters were mentally disturbed.

Might I remind you, anytime you attempt to ban anything you create a bigger problem.

Remember the Volstead Act (or Amendment XXI) that prohibited the possession of alcohol?  The resulting gun legislation, known as The National Firearms Act of 1934, prohibited the possession of machine guns and silencers by citizens unless they were willing to purchase a tax stamp and register the devices with the government. Since 1934, there has not been a crime committed with a legally registered machine gun or silencer. Columbine happened during the Clinton Assault Weapon and Magazine Ban. How much did that help the people in Columbine?

Mr. Boone stated he would never need anything over a two-shooter and owns a firearm that holds only seven rounds. I do believe you own a firearm that will hold an evil 15 rounds, but I would bet you wouldn’t think that firearm and 15-round capacity to be so evil during a home invasion against multiple assailants. Speaking of your two-shooter. I could take that firearm and a box of #8 shot and create just as much damage as the Connecticut shooter in the same amount of time.

Does anyone understand why schools are so often targeted? Schools are gun-free zones. You can’t legally take a weapon of any kind onto school property. We have made our children and our educators sitting ducks by denying them the God-given right to self-defense. In Pearl, Miss., Oct. 1, 1997, Vice-principal Joel Myrick stopped the shooting there with a state-issued National Guard target pistol. The school system promptly fired him for having a weapon on school property. What a great system! In Clackamas Mall, Oregon, the shooter there was stopped by an armed citizen. Why hasn’t this been reported by the media? Because this information doesn’t conform to the current administration’s liberal agenda to destroy the constitution.

CNN reported yesterday that the M4 in the Connecticut shooting never even made it into the building. There is a news clip showing the Tactical Team clearing an M4 in the trunk of the shooters car. Did the shooter have two? Or was this gun never used and only the handguns used? Again we have to rely on our media sources.

Attacking an inanimate object will not solve this problem. You cannot legislate against an inanimate object, insanity or evil.

Norway has a total gun ban, yet a deranged individual, Kristoffer Nyborg, killed more than 80 people in a mass slaughter in July of 2011. The total gun ban really helped those people.

Banning any firearms will not stop these killings. Our country bypassed any type of reasonable gun control years ago. Does anyone any idea how many firearms there are in this country? Firearms bans or confiscation is impossible due to the sheer numbers of firearms present.

Now to the Constitution. The founders of our constitution had divine guidance. They were able to draft a document that means the exact same thing today that it did in when written. These same men understood that the citizens must have the same means to resist a tyrannical government as the government has to subjugate the citizens.

If our government was doing its job, they would be solving the basis of this problem instead of making a knee-jerk, emotional reaction. The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting. What every citizen of this country needs to understand is the Bill of Rights. The first ten amendments are the foundation of our country. Remove any one, and our constitution is doomed. If the second goes, the first will be next. Why the ignorant media can’t see this, I don’t know.  Being a veteran, I took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and intend I to uphold that oath. That is the reason I may need an AR.

The basis of this problem is the total lack of personal responsibility. Our country is morally bankrupt. The violent video games that young people are allowed to play is but one of the problems. Having experienced violent situations in the military, I would like to take some of these young people on a training exercise and watch as they crap their pants.

Why weren’t the guns in the Connecticut shooting locked up?

Our government, especially the current administration, has done everything in its power to take God out of everything in our lives.

Our country was divinely originated. No other civilization on this planet has accomplished what this country accomplished in less than two hundred years of existence.

God favored our nation and blessed our country until the moral compass turned away from his favor.

Until we as a nation return to the moral principles taught in the Bible, we will continue to degrade. Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5.

In closing, I would ask anyone who reads this piece to pray for the victims families and our country.

Woody Baird

American, Patriot, Veteran

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