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Thanks to Jackson’s Gap volunteer

Published 11:37am Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear Editor,

While traveling from Sylacauga to Pine Mountain, GA, on Saturday, Dec.15, 2012, my daughter and I had a ruptured tire and were stranded on US280 roadside near Jackson’s Gap. As we tried to decide where to seek help Benjamin Davis Henderson came to our aid.

He identified himself as a volunteer with the Dadeville Fire Dept. and went to extensive service beyond common courtesy to help us. He removed the damaged tire, located and mounted the spare, found that to be flat, removed it, took it to be filled with air, re-mounted it, escorted us to Walls Tire Service, waited with us while new tires were mounted, and watched to see us back on 280 headed East. Our attempt to pay him for his time and service was promptly and courteously refused as a violation of his committment to volunteer service.

Brian Walls of Walls Tire Service also opened his shop after the usual hours of operation and sent assistance to us. We returned to his shop to have new tires mounted which meant he had called others of his employ who gave more than was usually expected of them.

While we were down on the roadside there were at least eight other travelers who stopped to offer help.

Since today’s news is so filled with negativity, I think there should be some special acknowledgment of the goodness and kindness exhibited by these people in your area of circulation. We are truly thankful to and for each of them.


Patsy Thomas

Libby Heacock