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Taking some time to reflect

Published 3:49pm Thursday, December 20, 2012

I want to warn the readers, if you are looking for a sports column that reflects my point of view about the world of college football, then you probably need to go elsewhere.
If you need a weekly rush of either Auburn or Alabama talk, I will inform you now, it will not happen today.
You see the world of college football and sports in general are nothing more than diversions.
We use sports as an escape mechanism from the realities that surround us every day of our lives.
No, this column will not have any appearance of someone who is straining to be a comedian.
There is nothing funny about what our country is going through. There will be no jokes, category puns or plays on words today.
This is serious business and we are all in this together.
Last Friday, we witnessed from our news media the horror and disbelief of a massacre in a small Connecticut town.
We all know that 20 children and six adults lost their lives that day.
I will focus on the high schools and lower grade-level schools. But major universities have also been targeted.
In my opinion, the culprit is not the weapon, but the environment the potential killer is brought up in- I blame the disinterested parent, not the weapon of choice.
If someone is going to commit these atrocities, they will find whatever means necessary to carry out their sick agenda.
When is the last time you listened to the music your kid was playing on his or her various electronic devices?
I would venture to say, it is not the mainstream media-music we would deem appropriate.
Like it or not, when you plant an idea into a sick mind, someone who has no empathy or sympathy for any human being, you may as well
have purchased the weapon yourself.
A sociopath does not need encouragement from a violent video game or movie.
Can anyone remember when we started bringing computers into our homes?
n Jan. 17, 1989 – five killed, 29 injured on a Stockton, California school playground.
When is the last time you played Xbox or PlayStation with your kid?
Trust me; they are not into Super Mario, especially the male teens.
n March 24, 1998 – five killed, 10 injured at a Jonesboro school. The shooters were 11 and 13 years old.
After doing some research, one interesting statistic jumped out at me.
Every one of these mass shootings, were performed by young, Caucasian males.
They did not target any one race or ethnicity; they were indiscriminate and all but one was under 25 years old.
n April 20, 1999 – 23 killed, 25 injured at Columbine High School in Colo.
n March 5, 2001 – two killed, 13 injured in a Santana High school.
I would bet you are now getting the picture as to where this is leading, but I must continue on.
For the sake of every innocent young person who deserves the opportunity to live a productive life, without fear, this column is for you.
For anyone who considers themselves “parents,” this is also for you.
The next time you think you are too busy to check in on your kid, read this again.
n March 21, 2005 – nine killed, seven injured at the Red Lake High School on the Red Lake Indian Reservation, Minn.
n Oct. 6, 2006 – five killed, five injured at an Amish schoolhouse in Penn.
Now, after last Friday, our administration finally decides it is time to do something.
Did I miss something here?  Will this turn out to be politics as usual?
It is time for parents to parent, not just when it is convenient but every day of your child’s life. Don’t wait for someone else to decide what is best for your child.
Until next time.
Meyers is a college football columnist for The Outlook.