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Gun control needs sensible approach

Published 11:39am Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear editor,

Mr. Boone, You certainly pushed the right buttons for a lot of people with your recent editorial on gun control.

You raised some very good points.

Now expect the emotional ranting to begin.

First let me say I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, a retired law officer and a former soldier.

I am also a proud American and a God-loving person.

I am truly sick of all the gun violence in this and other countries. Something must be done to stop this senseless slaughter.

I believe that Americans do have their right to bear arms – within proper, sensible and reasonable limits and guidelines.

In my opinion a 12-gauge shotgun with a max of five rounds is the perfect weapon.

With the right shot or slug a person can do just about anything required in shooting. I love to shoot targets with my 22 and for deer I have my 243 and 30/30. I am not anti-gun.

However, a handgun has only one true purpose, which is to kill another human being.

Sure, I like to plunk at a target with my various handguns. It is a fun and cheap hobby, but giving up with right to own them would be a small price to pay for all the innocent lives it would save.

For home protection there is still the old reliable shotgun. Ever seen the look on a villain’s face when hearing the jack of the shell into the chamber? I have, and it’s priceless.

Let’s get real – when was the last time anyone heard of a hunter needing a handgun to kill another animal for protection?

Automatic weapons are totally unacceptable.

Sure, firing a full clip is a rush, but so is driving 80 miles per hour on Highway 63 or 120 miles per hour on Highway 280.

But it is dangerous, not only to you but to others.

Plus it is stupid and against the law.

Does anyone really need 20 rounds to shoot a deer?

Because of hunters Americans enjoy many outdoor sports and hobbies.

Let’s not outlaw all guns, but please let’s be responsible and sensible.

David French