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Council debates city vehicle use

Published 11:52am Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Dadeville City Council further discussed use of city vehicles at its regular Tuesday meeting after being tabled Dec. 4.

The council had tabled the issue pending further research by city attorney Robin Reynolds. Mayor Joe Smith had previously stopped the use of city vehicles by city investigators who lived out of town.

“The only thing the city personnel policy says is that if a city vehicle is used and they are on call, they employee themselves will be responsible for any state and federal tax consequences from the use of that vehicle,” Reynolds said.

The council discussed several sides of the issue.

“I’m against the city – the people, the citizens of Dadeville – having to pay somebody’s transportation,” Smith said. “I don’t think we can afford to pay for transportation for somebody living out of town.”

But councilmen Randy Foster Mickey Tarpley expressed concern over the potential liability of a city employee using a personal vehicle while on city business.

“The city has an umbrella policy to cover city vehicles, but it does not have a policy to cover private vehicles,” Reynolds said. “If he is en route to investigate some type of a crime, whatever it is, in his private vehicle, the city’s going to get sued. Now as far as the coverage is concerned, I’m not so sure the city policy is going to cover that.”

A lawsuit would occur if something happened that was exacerbated by the employee being in his personal vehicle – for example, if the employee was in a wreck, or if the employee didn’t get to the scene of a call in time to address a problem because of having to go get a city vehicle first.

The council agreed to table the discussion again to allow Reynolds time to speak with the city’s insurance provider about potential liabilities.

The council also discussed the hiring of a city mechanic. Although Smith had a recommendation for a mechanic, he would only be allowed to work part time because of his status as being retired from the city. Councilman Frank Goodman moved to post the job to seek applications to find a full-time mechanic.

The council agreed to accept applications for 30 days.

Also during the meeting:

- The Dadeville Public Library Board announced the resignation of library director Amy Huff and requested the council post the qualifications for library director so the board could accept applications and resumes. Chelsea Lloyd will act as interim director.

- The council agreed to sponsor a $500 cover page advertisement for the Christmas edition of the Dadeville Record.

- Councilman Billy Monroe brought up the problem of people raking their leaves into ditches and stopping up the water drainage. The rule is the people are supposed to bag them for the city to come around and pick up. Smith asked Monroe to give him a list of names and the city would write letters to the offenders.

- The council agreed to pay the ALDOT Grant to Goodwyn Mills and Cawood and W.S. Newell for the Adams Drive expansion, which will be reimbursed by ALDOT.

- The council approved the transfer of an ABS license from Danny Price to Pure Business Inc. for retail beer off premises only and retail wine off premises only.

-  The council officially chose bank signators for city accounts.

The next council meeting was moved from Jan. 1 to Jan. 10.