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Gun control needs national attention

Published 11:49am Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dear Editor,

We couldn’t agree more with your editorial on the absolute necessity for a national dialogue on reasonable gun control.

The country has for too long put off such discussion.

The profound tragedy in Connecticut requires it and the memory of those slain little children demands it.

We would hope the discussion goes further and looks at the national culture of violence where the solution to one’s grievances is to do harm to others.

Listen to the way people disrespect others with differing opinions, read of road-rage incidents, take a look at children’s graphic video games, and see the filth they see on TV and in movie theaters.

And then we should ask ourselves, is it any wonder that a 20-year old man, whether mentally disturbed or not, does what seems to be normal in his view of things?

How on earth did we get to this point?  Where is our moral compass?  And now that we’re here, do we simply give up or do we try and make things better for our children and grand-children?

Certainly the gun-lobby folks will decry the possibility that they may have to give up their assault weapons, all the while stating it’s their constitutional right to own such guns.

And they will repeat the tired old saw that, “people kill people, not guns.”

But what intelligent person believes that the framers of our constitution envisioned the type weapons available today?

And there will be those who cry that it’s their God-given right to fire dozens of rounds at a deer.

Of course, it neither comes from the deity nor is it sensible.

Any hunter who requires more than one or two rounds probably needs some training at the firing range rather than indiscriminately spraying the woods with bullets.

Let’s hope the National Rifle Association and our elected officials see the necessity of reasonable gun control.

That time has come.

Please continue to keep this critical topic in the news … and keep those who died and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Dick and Mary Ann Bronson

Lake Martin