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Counterfeit arrest made

Published 12:47pm Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alexander City Police say one arrest has been made in connection to a recent wave of counterfeit bills.

Xavier Marbury, 25, of Alexander City, was arrested and charged with first-degree possession of a forged instrument.

Det. Erin McWaters said that police caught up to Marbury Saturday, Dec. 8 during a traffic stop after witnesses had identified him.

“When we spoke to our witnesses, they were able to give us a name and description of the vehicle he was driving,” McWaters said.

Between Dec. 3-4, five counterfeit $20 bills were reported in the area.

Det. Michael Howell said that citizens shouldn’t let their guard down in the wake of this one arrest.

“People are still out there trying to pass these bills,” Howell said.

McWaters said that more arrests are anticipated in the case and that business owners should call the authorities if they think they have a fake bill.

“We have one store we spoke with tell us someone tried to pass two counterfeits, but they refused them,” McWaters said. “Some stores don’t know what to do, so they just don’t accept (the counterfeits). We would prefer they report it while the suspect is still there, but at least try to get a description of the person and the vehicle they are driving.”

McWaters said they still have not determined where the bills are originating.

Chief Charles Rafford commended the efforts of his detectives for making the first arrest in the case.

“We have had several instances of counterfeit bills surfacing in our community, and I appreciate the detectives’ work as well as the business owners cooperating with us to help identify this individual,” Rafford said.

Detectives asked anyone with information regarding this case to contact ACPD. The main phone number for ACPD can be reached by dialing 256-397-1023. The detective division can be reached directly at 256-329-6754.