City officials gathered Friday for the official ribbon cutting for Crossbrook culvert. | Laura Pemberton

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Crossbrook culvert complete

Published 12:00pm Saturday, December 8, 2012

City leaders, past and present, were on hand to cut the ribbon on the Crossbrook culvert Friday.

City Engineer Gerard Brewer said the project in the Parish Hills subdivision was completed in eight months and cost $266,000, instead of the original $500,000-$600,000 quoted.

“From a city standpoint this was done as efficiently as possible,”  Brewer said. “This is a story of cost savings. We found a way to minimize engineering costs and maximize the benefit of men we have. I’m sure the taxpayers appreciate the efficiency. Every dollar spent out here was thought out.”

Hal Humphrey, an engineer on the project, complimented Brewer and his team on the success of the project.

“This is the largest internal public works project ever completed,” Humphrey said. “It was great savings and great value. We’re very lucky to have someone like Gerard.”

Mayor Charles Shaw thanked all who worked on the project and the former mayor and council.

“I’m thankful for everybody who played a part,” Shaw said. “With everybody working together we can save money, and working together is what this city is about.”

Councilman Billy Ray Walls said the project increases the safety of the Parish Hills subdivision.

“It’s a safety aspect any way you look at it,” Walls said. “Now these people have a secure entranceway for the fire department and construction trucks can travel safely.”

Walls said during his campaign he heard several complaints from residents about the mess from the construction of the culvert, but he is now proud of its appearance.

“I was in agreement,” Walls said. “It was a mess. I couldn’t picture it turning into this. This is like the ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan.”