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Morning runs prove festive thanks to decor

Published 12:33pm Friday, December 7, 2012

I have written about my love for running before and will again. It is my stress reliever and a source of great joy for me.

I completely zone out. I always have a better work day when I run before work because I have more energy and more pep in my step.

I always hope that writing about it will encourage someone to strap on their kicks and head out the front door.

It does not matter how far or how fast you go because you did more than the person sitting on the couch. It will also change your body.

The result of this hobby has yielded creaky knees and hips that need to be stretched constantly.

It did lead me to discover the wonderful world of chiropractic care (shout out to Dr. Kevin James!).

I learned that fine-tuning my body is crucial to my running longevity and adjusting my hip can remove pain from my knee (y’all – it was like a Christmas miracle).

Morning runs through downtown Alex City have been really special. Right now, it feels so festive with all of the Christmas decorations.

The hustle and bustle of the morning traffic is somewhat invigorating, people on the way to wherever they are going.

The morning trains can be annoying if I happen to be attempting to cross the tracks.

Running through the old mills are sentimental. I can almost see myself and my friends playing four square on the playground at Russell Afternoon.

All this being said, I am uber pumped about the Jingle for Tots run tomorrow that begins at 8 a.m. on Green Street at FUMC.

I want to emphasize how much I love running culture. Like any other sport or club, it is like a secret society with its own inside jokes and nuances.

Everyone obsesses about their best times, training, what shoes are the best (Karhu), and what races they are registering for. It is all about the shirts. And the charities.

For Jingle, all participants are to bring a toy to be donated to the Salvation Army.

There will be a 10K/5K/ and 1 mile fun run followed by a pancake breakfast. It is not too late today to sign up.

Your fans, or non-racers, can eat for $5. I registered for the 10K and will most definitely need an upbeat playlist.

Consider running gear as Christmas gifts this year. The Russell Retail Store has some great gear, including outfits great for yoga – go see Big Blake, and he’ll hook you up.

Nike and Lululemon make stellar tights. This time of year, runners need gloves, earwarmers and some awesome headphones.

And iTunes gift cards are nice because they always need new jams. Water belts are necessary for long runs and Gu Energy Gel makes a great stocking stuffer. My parents are getting me new running shoes. I had to pick them out, of course. Runners are particular about their shoes.

Hope to see you on the streets soon!

Also, be sure and tune in Sunday night at 9 p.m. to the History Channel for the premiere of Bamazon!  You may recognize a few familiar faces.

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  • Seongtaek

    I also think Karhu is the best running shoe brand fo sho!!!