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Insensitive cartoons should be stopped

Published 11:53am Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dear Editor,

There was a very inappropriate, tacky, insensitive cartoon in the Tallapoosa Publishers Tuesday The Outlook on page 4, depicting a female who is placed on a target board, like those at a circus, in a dress, bound with straps on her wrists and ankles. An elephants is holding a knife aiming at her while 11 knives have surrounded her helpless body.

Call it what you may – cartoon – but who would laugh or joke about such an offensive picture?

Domestic violence and bullying are real, and it’s never funny to show anyone being bound and weapons such as knives being thrown at a lady.

Cartoonist Taylor Jones lacked character and respectability for a woman in my opinion.

I would advise The Outlook or any other editors or business owners of newspapers to be very sensitive to people before putting this degrading picture that is supposed to be funny or other offensive cartoons to entertain the public in the newspaper.

Stop the bullying, folks. Cartoons are meant to be laughable, not seen evil or degrading comments.

Public, speak up about insensitive materials or cartoons that are inappropriate in our papers. Freedom of press is a right, but freedom to oppress is wrong. God forgive us. This has gone too far. Speak out, people, about these ugly, degrading cartoons.

God speed,

Teresa Harrell Moten

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