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Council talks Christmas lights

Published 12:22pm Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Dadeville City Council met Tuesday to address a number of items of city business.

The first issue was Christmas lights, which have been under discussion for several weeks. Alabama Power Company required the city to do some rewiring before the lights could be hung.

“We’ve run into some pretty big problems with the wire that has been on the poles for years,” said Councilman Mickey Tarpley. “It was put up – not by the Alabama Power Company, and I’m not sure who by – in the last 20 years.”

Tarpley said they have encountered some peculiar wiring techniques as they have worked to rewire to make it possible to hang the lights.

“There are places that it was tied up with bungee cords,” Tarpley said. “We’ve had a dog leash we found that had power wires tied up to telephone cable. We had some nylon rope tied up in one place.”

Tarpley said the lights at the courthouse were not done by the city, but the city plans to have 12 of the bigger lights up on poles around town by the end of the week.

“I’ve learned more about electricity in the past two days than I ever wanted to know,” Tarpley said.

City vehicle use also came up as an issue at the meeting, although no council member laid claim to having placed it on the agenda.

“I think it’s referring to the lieutenant and investigator, if I’m not mistaken,” Foster said. “I didn’t put it on the agenda.”

Smith said since Lt. Chris Martin and Investigator Jonathon Floyd live in Elmore County, he told them they could not use city vehicles.

“We’ve got too many people in Dadeville using the city vehicles, and they’re not just using them for city business,” Smith said. “You can see lots of them riding around to different places, and we’ve got to cut down on the expense in order to pay these bills.”

Some council members expressed concern over this position.

“I’d like to table this and talk it over with our legal counsel,” Tarpley said. “I’m not sure we can require people to live inside the city.”

Councilmen Randy Foster and Billy Monroe also expressed concerns with not letting the investigator and lieutenant have city vehicles. The council agreed to table the discussion until they had looked at all applicable policies.

The council also

- passed a resolution granting a contract to Liberty Design and Construction Company, Inc. to do work at Sejin America to build the access road

- heard from two visitors: Sharon Gaither, who invited the council and other attendees to purchase tickets for the Tour of Homes Saturday, and Dorman Dennis, who addressed the council with questions about Ordinance 481

- authorized Police Chief David Barbour to hire two new police officers

- agreed to pay Martin the same pay that Barbour received in the same position

- tabled the hiring of a city mechanic until further research is done

- tabled the application for a fuel exemption license until a later date

- made plans for the city Christmas dinner

- approved a one-time pay raise for city employees for Christmas

- discussed creating a committee and beginning work on the McKelvey building to prepare it for move-in