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The people have spoken

Published 10:27am Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dear Editor,

I would remind Ms. Wyckoff, and the readers of the Alex City Outlook, that the people of the Great State of Alabama did, by an overwhelming majority, make their wishes known on November 6th. Also, like Ms. Wyckoff, I am “sick and tired” of the people of the other States of the Union deciding the fate of the good people of Alabama…myself included.

Wayne Stark

  • wildflower

    I agree with Mr. Stark that the people have spoken in our state, I would remind Mr. Stark, however, that we are still a part of the union of states and must abide by the laws of the land. Our constitution is a very clean and valuable document for the guidance of our conduct as individual states and as a union. The dreaded “Commerce Clause” has corrupted the constitution and the Bill of rights in ways that were never intended by our forefathers. This interpretation of the law has been perverted to allow the union to function much more as a contitutional monarchy rather than as a constitutional republic as it was initially intended.
    It would be nice if it were just that “the people have spoken”.