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The Lighthouse provides structured environment for recovery

Published 10:26am Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Lighthouse has been helping men overcome their addictions for the past 37 years.

“The Lighthouse is a residential rehab program,” said Teri Trammell, executive director. “We’re what used to be referred to as a halfway house.”

Trammell said the Lighthouse provides residents a safe structured place to go after completing primary care treatment for alcohol or drugs.

“We take referrals from all over the state,” Trammell said. “When they get here, they’re a little closer to being back in mainstream society. We mix the real world and treatment.”

Trammell said residents are expected to seek employment and must remain sober and participate in treatment by attending Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

“They participate in their treatment plan,” Trammell said. “They start working on issues to prepare them to hopefully get back in society.”

The Lighthouse is one of the 23 agencies sponsored by the Lake Martin Area United Way, and Trammell said the funds from the United Way help men living at the Lighthouse further their education.

“The United Way funds are earmarked for our GED completion program,” Trammell said. “We require any resident who does not have a high school diploma or GED to enroll in this class.”

Trammell said the United Way also provides the Lighthouse an opportunity to volunteer in the community.

“Most of our men have not had any experience volunteering,” Trammell said. “(The United Way has) been an avenue for them to volunteer. We really appreciate them giving us that opportunity – volunteering is something that’s great to learn.”

Trammell said residents pay a $125 admission fee and weekly rent after gaining employment, which pays for three hot meals a day, shelter and treatment.

“They have access to what they need to live,” Trammell said. “Residents are expected to stay at least 90 days, but if they’re doing well and doing the things they’re supposed to do, they can stay in this house for up to six months.”

Trammell said the Lighthouse also offers a more long-term option.

“We also have three-quarter way houses, and that can be very long term if they are making the progress they need to make,” Trammell said. “The longer a person stays in a structured environment, the greater their chances of making it.”

Trammell said the Lighthouse is always accepting donations, and clothes are very much appreciated.

“Sometimes we have people come who don’t have much,” Trammell said. “We welcome help from anybody in any way.”

Trammell said the benefits of the Lighthouse can be seen across the community.

“It has a trickle down effect,” Trammell said. “The person receiving treatment gets a life back if they’re serious. Their quality of life gets better, and their family life is better.”

Trammell said some Lighthouse residents remain in Alexander City after completing treatment.

“A lot of people have come and stayed,” Trammell said. “Quite a few people have made Alexander City their home after completing the Lighthouse.”

To contact the Lighthouse, call 256-234-4894.