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Our youth give us hope

Published 2:36pm Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dear editor,

Friday night in Spanish Fort, Alabama, I watched as a group of young men walked off the field for the last time this year. For some, it will be their last time.

It is always difficult to watch young men hurt after seeing the effort that they have put into something they love come to an end. I saw something else of great interest. I saw the same hurt in those who marched, cheered, and danced each Friday night for the past 13 weeks. They felt what our boys felt.

As the person in charge of ultimately overseeing this group of 300 or so young men and women, I felt their hurt and wished we could have just one more Friday night together. It was not to be.

So what did I ultimately take from this year as the stadium lights grew dimmer in my rear view mirror? I thought about the tough times we have gone through in our town, especially over the past few years. I thought about all the negative things that many people have said about our town, even to the point of predicting its ultimate demise.

And then I thought about those same 300 or so kids who just walked off that field less than an hour ago. They cried and they hurt because they love Alex City. They worked hard all year long because they love Alex City. It is because of them that we will survive. It is because of them that we will see better days. It is because of them that we have hope. And hope is a good thing.

Jose Reyes, Jr. 

Principal, Benjamin Russell High School