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Cloud Nine accepting cans, coats for crisis center

Published 6:42pm Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cloud Nine is offering patrons a chance to save on their shopping in exchange for the donation of coats and cans.

“If people bring in a can or coat they get to pick a Christmas ball off the tree,” said Sarah Neighbors, owner of Cloud Nine. “The balls have coupons for between 10 and 50 percent off, and the donations benefit the Tallapoosa Christian Crisis Center. We are very aware of the work the crisis center does, and it was brought to our attention that their supplies are running low this year, so we wanted to do something to help.”

Neighbors said the store has had a great response and will continue the can and coat drive until Saturday, Dec. 1.

“We will make sure (the donations) go to good use,” said Marla Browne, crisis center director.

Browne said the center has seen more than 200 clients since the beginning of November.

“It’s been extremely busy and we expect it stay this way through the end of the year,” Browne said. “We are trying to meet everyday needs, not just Christmas.”

Browne said the crisis center meets needs by providing food, clothing and financial assistance to those in need.

“We have more homeless or near homeless than people realize,” Browne said. “In October we gave 4,000 pounds of food and $3,000 in financial assistance.”

Browne said the majority of the people the center helps are women, and there is a large misconception about food stamps and the need for food.

“We have elderly women that receive $700 of income a month and $16 worth of food stamps – that is impossible to live off,” Browne said. “Just because someone does get food stamps doesn’t mean they don’t need food assistance from us.”

Browne said the center will offer Christmas dinner packages, but will focus on the elderly and those with severe needs.

“A 91-year-old woman can do very little about increasing her income to make sure she has enough money for Christmas dinner,” Browne said. “So we will take her Christmas dinner.”

She said the Christmas dinner package will include enough food for a feast.

“We want them to have the experience of cooking a big meal,” Browne said. “The smells and gathering of friends and family is so important – we want them to be able to experience that.”

Browne thanked Cloud Nine and everyone in the community who has made donations to the crisis center.

“We want to thank Cloud Nine,” Browne said. “It’s really nice to have people think of you and want to help with what you are doing. It really means a lot.”