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Commission seat to stay vacant until governor’s appointment

Published 11:16am Thursday, November 22, 2012

Charles Shaw’s victory as mayor of Alexander City has left the District 2 seat vacant for the Tallapoosa County Commission.

“(Shaw) can’t hold both offices, so when he took office we accepted that as his resignation,” said county administrator Blake Beck. “Alabama law provides that the governor makes the appointment if the seat becomes vacant. The commission doesn’t have anything to do with it.”

According to section 11-3-1 Code of Alabama, “…any vacancy on the county commission shall be filled by appointment by the Governor.”

The code also states that in order to be eligible for appointment by the governor the person must live within District 2.

Jeremy King, Deputy Communications Director for Gov. Robert Bentley, said the governor’s office has received a request to fill the seat and will appoint a candidate to the position.

“We have received the official request from the Tallapoosa County commission,” King said. “At this time there is no firm deadline for when appointment must take place, but we are working to ensure the commission seat is filled efficiently so people of that district will have representation. We’re reviewing various potential candidates in order to move forward.”