Camp Hill Community of Promise group members Judy Lane, Alfrieda Brummit, Joanne Davis-Hill and Patricia Garrigus-Pack, along with Dean Bonner, created the Harmony Garden in Camp Hill, located at the intersection of South Main Street and Old Highway 280. (Group member Joyce Gooden not pictured.) | Alison James

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Camp Hill’s Community Garden

Published 11:19am Thursday, November 22, 2012

A triangle of memorial bricks, perennials and roses and a couple of signs now welcome visitors and residents alike to the town of Camp Hill.

The Camp Hill Community of Promise Community Harmony Garden was dedicated Saturday with a blessing, a prayer, songs and student essays.

“Having a smaller community, it’s easier to do things for the community, even if you’re just one or two people,” said Patricia Garrigus-Pack, Community of Promise group member. “It makes me feel part of the community – I have a sense of belonging here.”

Garrigus-Pack and the other group members worked to build the garden at the intersection of South Main Street and Old Highway 280.

“There were two of us that kind of came up with the idea,” Garrigus-Pack said. “It was really a mess. It was just overgrown with weeds … and there were some pretty deep potholes.”

Rose bushes and other greenery now fills the triangle Garrigus-Pack said represents the Trinity.

“The point we wanted to be a point forward toward the town,” Garrigus-Pack said.

The Harmony Garden is also marked with a number of memorial stones, engraved with names of past and present residents, businesses, churches and other organizations.

“We’re hoping that from here on out, it will stay looking nice and be a statement when folks drive by,” Garrigus-Pack said.