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The chaos is always only one Saturday away

Published 9:18am Wednesday, November 21, 2012

If you thought you had this BCS thing figured out, just remember that for every Saturday they play college football, there is a follow-up Sunday, where you can sit in a corner and talk to yourself.
Just when you think you know everything, you find out you know nothing.
Saturday morning, Kansas State was No. 1 and Oregon was No. 2, now they are neither.
Notre Dame, who everyone loves to hate in the SEC, is now No. 1.
The SEC and particularly Alabama pleaded for assistance again from the outside and got their midnight reprieve from the executioner.  Now the Crimson Tide is back in BCS business.
While Oregon and Kansas State were losing, the SEC and seven of its teams completed what amounted to an exhibition day against lower-division FCS schools.
The SEC took some huge credibility hits this week.
“That was an embarrassing slate today,” ABC announcer Brent Musburger said of the SEC’s Saturday schedule.
“Come on SEC, schedule a ninth-conference game like everyone else,” bellowed Kirk Herbstreit the other ABC announcer and ESPN College Game Day host.
What if Notre Dame loses to USC?
Remember, Alabama’s last game was a loss to a ranked team, a two-loss team, just like Oregon.
Alabama jumped from No. 5 to No. 3 in the BCS computers with a win over Western Carolina, who is 1-10, with its lone win against Division II Mars Hill.
Florida State, with as many losses as Alabama, defeated Maryland, but still sits at No. 10 because of one computer. Massey’s BCS Index which places them 17th in the computers.
If Notre Dame loses, the BCS would be left with a scenario that even the upcoming playoff system couldn’t resolve.
Oregon still plays No. 15 Oregon State and No. 17 UCLA in the Pac-12 championship.
Alabama plays Auburn, who is just ahead of Little Sisters U and No. 3 Georgia in the SEC championship.
If Georgia defeats Alabama and Oregon wins out, Oregon will jump Georgia for the second spot because the computers do not like Georgia.
Then there is No. 4 Florida, who needed a blocked punt to defeat La-somebody in Gainesville.  Next up is No. 10 Florida State.
Are we headed for an all-SEC championship?
Don’t try to make any sense of this-just drink it all in and then do a spit take.
Notes on a scorecard:
I would bet, that the same “fair weather” fans, who made it clear after the Bama loss to Texas A&M, that they were “tired of college football” or that” they really did not want to travel to Miami anyway”, sang an entirely different tune late Saturday night after Stanford upset Oregon 17-14.
Not sure if there is something in the water in Alabama, but I heard the same tune from some Auburn fans, but it was after the third game of the season.  I heard that they had people disguised as seats at Jordan-Hare Stadium last Saturday.
Yes, for all the hoopla surrounding the two major teams in this state, when your team gets beat, your mask comes off and you become exposed.
If you base your entire attitude and emotions towards a university, on the performance of the football team, then you need to examine your priorities and my suggestion to you is this-change your agenda.
The one group of individuals who I did not hear crying after the loss to Texas A&M, were the Alabama players and the coaching staff.
Did you hear any player or coach saying that they were tired of football or they really didn’t want to go to Miami?
There is nothing “fair-weather” about the kids who perform for you every Saturday.
Give thanks.
Until next time.
Meyers is a college football columnist.

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