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The beauty of NCAAF: Every week counts

Published 9:25am Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Whew! Thank heavens Alabama lost to Texas A&M two weeks ago. I would sure hate for the Tide to have to play that speedy juggernaut decked out in a messy combination of nuclear-waste green and jaundice yellow reflectors many people call  “Oregon.”
I mean, there is NO CHANCE anyone can slow the Ducks potent attack down. Especially not some sluggish, “unproven” team like Alabama, right?
Oh wait. You mean Oregon lost last Saturday? To a team that looked slower than a “Ghandi” movie marathon at your mother in law’s house? At home??! (“Well gosh!”, Luke began in his most sarcastic tone, “If the Stanford team that lost to Washington could slow down the Ducks, maybe an SEC COULD contain Oregon after all!” Then his eyes rolled as if to say “Of course the SEC could slow them down…. It’s the SEC!”)
Last Saturday, my friends, is why college football and its regular season is greater than anything any playoff system could give us. It has become cliché to say the following phrase, but that has never stopped me before so:  College football has a playoff game EVERY WEEKEND!
Our beloved sport usually finds a way to work itself into a fantastic match up for the national title through a series of exciting weekends. 2009 gave us traditional powers Alabama and Texas, 2010 presented a matchup of exciting foes in Oregon and Auburn, 2011 somehow managed to weave its way back to the best two teams in LSU and ‘Bama.
Now, in 2012, there is a very good shot that Notre Dame will take on the Tide or Georgia. The mere fact that ND is in the game will make the hype meter explode. Add one of these SEC powerhouses to the mix and the suits at ESPN may all simultaneously hyperventilate at the thought of the ratings to come.
Conversely, had the BCS title game been Kansas State versus Oregon (spoiler alert: it won’t be), the stadium in Miami would have been emptier than the stock room at an Amish Best Buy. (See, the Amish aren’t real high on electronics so a Best Buy in their region would be pretty vacant…. Sorry, sometimes I feel my one liners need an explanation.)
I understand that much of our great nation has SEC fatigue. But you know what? I have SEC fatigue fatigue!
You mad that Oregon and Kansas State losses probably paved the way for the Southeastern Conference to extend BCS winning streak? Well, tell Oregon to play a more difficult schedule next time so they can be prepared for an SEC-esque team like Stanford. The Ducks were either dropping bombs like the Gap Band on teams like Tennessee Tech  or pretending like beating an overrated USC squad 111-106 is a big deal.
Meanwhile, Kansas State has no argument at all to make the title game after losing to Baylor. At least Oregon lost to a ranked team. The ‘Cats didn’t just lose to Baylor; they got waxed.
I realize that many non-SECers out there might vomit in terror at the thought of a Notre Dame vs. SEC BCS game. But, in the immortal words of Rik Flair, “To be the man, you gotta beat the man.”
Unless a miracle happens and Alabama and Georgia both lose this Saturday, the SEC WILL be in Miami playing for a trophy.
The bottom line is college football is a sport that requires fans to be patient. Every weekend something unbelievable may happen so we are all forced to pay attention. For playoff supporters, let me ask you this question: Who did Alabama play in basketball last week? How about Auburn? UCLA? Kentucky?
My guess is you don’t know who your favorite team played in hoops last week (if you do, you are in the minority). However, football fans generally have their teams’ schedules memorized by mid-summer because we all know how important each and every weekend is.
Oregon, Kansas State, Florida State and other one loss teams can cry that their teams face unjust biases in being unable to play for a title. However, each one of those team’s controlled their own destinies. If they had not lost to Stanford, Baylor and NC State respectively, any one of those teams would be in the BCS title game.
The moral of college football is: show up every week.
Robinson is a columnist for Sportz Blitz.