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Auburn football has become painful to watch

Published 3:26pm Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Georgia Bulldogs absolutely dominated the Auburn Tigers for the second consecutive year winning by a margin of 38 points in both seasons.
The only difference in 2012 was the Tigers couldn’t even manage a single point this go around.
Honestly, I’m running out of things to say about this dreadful Auburn team.
How many different ways can you describe a horrible mess?
In the last two games against SEC opponents, the Tigers have been outscored 101-21 and outgained 1168 yards to 573 yards.
Quite frankly, those numbers could have been significantly worse if Mark Richt had not called off the proverbial “Dawgs” halfway through the third quarter.
Saturday also marked the second consecutive SEC game in which a large majority of Tiger fans cleared out at halftime (including myself).
The 2012 season has gone from disappointing to disheartening to disgusting and every week I find myself wishing it would mercifully come to an end.
I don’t know any other way to say it, but the Auburn Tigers have simply become painful to watch.
I have left the Stadium at halftime the past two SEC games and I feel no shame in making that known.
There’s always some who say you’re not a true fan if you don’t stick it out during the tough times.
There’s some truth to that, but I have no intention of giving up my status as an Auburn fan.
It’s not that I don’t care about the team.
I care about the team too much. It’s literally painful for me to watch.
This season has been like watching a defenseless animal get tortured.
I don’t have the stomach for it.  This is undoubtedly the worst Auburn football season of my lifetime.
I was alive in the mid to late 70s, but my first memories of Auburn football are with Pat Dye as head coach in the 1980s.  1991 and 1992 were dismal years for the Tigers, but they were still very competitive.
In ’91 the Tigers lost only one game by more than 10 points going 5-6 on the season and in ’92 the Tigers lost only three games by more than 7 points going 5-5-1 on the season.
1998 and 2008 are the two seasons I had previously considered to be the worst of my lifetime.
I remember both of them as being incredibly miserable and totally uncompetitive; however, looking back at the numbers I long for the sweet misery of those two years compared to 2012.
In ‘98 Auburn went 3-8 losing four games by two touchdowns or more with the largest margin of victory being 21 points.
In ‘08 the Tigers went 5-7 losing only two ballgames by more than 10 points.
This year Auburn has already lost five games by more than 17 points and three of those have been by 21 or more points.
The last two losses have been by 42 and 38.
Unfortunately, the Tigers have one more scheduled beating to take before this wretched journey will come to an end.
Interestingly, the years I just mentioned (1992, 1998 & 2008) all have one thing in common: a coaching change was made at the end of each of those seasons.
With each passing week, I think Gene Chizik loses a few more supporters.  At this point, I just wonder how many there are out there left to lose.
Graham is a columnist for Sportz Blitz.