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Local reports phone scam

Published 12:29pm Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scammers are at it again in Coosa County.

This time, callers have been using the name of a former county commissioner in an attempt to con money out of locals.

“It started a couple of weeks ago,” said Randall Dunham. “The first call was from an elderly couple in Kellyton. A person had called (the couple) at 12:30 a.m. and said that I had broken down and needed money.”

Dunham said that he served on the commission for eight years.

“Everyone knows me – maybe that’s why they are using my name,” Dunham said.

Dunham said that four or five people have called him to ask if his car had been fixed. Though the time of the call has changed from instance to instance, the scam has been the same – the caller, pretending to be Dunham, wants money to help with his broken down car. He doesn’t believe, however, that anyone has fallen victim to the scam.

“Everyone that has contacted me hasn’t given any money (to the scammers),” Dunham said. “My voice is pretty distinct, and they didn’t think it was me.”

Dunham said he had contacted both the Coosa County sheriff and the Alexander City Police Department, as he says there have been reports of the scam from Coosa and Tallapoosa County.

Coosa County Sheriff Terry Wilson said these sort of scams come and go.

“There are flimflammers everywhere – people will prey over the phone if you let them,” Wilson said. “I would ask our citizens to use caution with those kind of calls.”

If a citizen receives such a call, Wilson said to be sure not to give the scammer any information.

“Don’t give them any information about yourself or any of your accounts,” Wilson said. “Secondly, try to see if you can get any information, a name or telephone number, so we could investigate.”

Wilson said to make note of the date and time of the call and contact the police as soon as possible.

“Reporting incidents as soon as they happen can help us in our investigation,” Wilson said.