The swearing in of the new Dadeville City Council was held Nov. 5 at Dadeville City Hall. Mark Allen Treadwell swore in the council, including new members Councilman Mickey Tarpley and Mayor Joe Smith. | Alison James

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Council keeps mum about meeting

Published 12:37pm Thursday, November 8, 2012

A special called meeting of the Dadeville City Council was held Oct. 29, but several members of the council were either unwilling or unable to discuss what happened.

City clerk Sharon Harrelson said she was not able to make the minutes of the meeting available until the next council meeting.

“I have to keep the minutes for three different boards,” Harrelson said. “It’s all I can do to get them typed before the next meeting … I’m not typing them.”

Harrelson said the council does not keep recordings of the meetings.

Former Mayor Mike Ingram also declined to comment on the meeting.

“I don’t have anything to say,” Ingram said. “It was just an ordinance passed, more or less, but since I’m not in there anymore I’m not saying anything.”

Council member Pat Potts said she could not remember the contents of the ordinances passed at the meeting.

Council member Frank Goodman also said he was uncertain about what ordinances had been passed. Although Goodman mentioned an ordinance involving bonds for the water board and an ordinance changing the wording of a previously passed ordinance, neither of those ordinances were printed in the newspaper.

The passed ordinances were printed in the Nov. 1 edition of the Dadeville Record and the Nov. 3–4 edition of The Alexander City Outlook.

Councilman Randy Foster addressed Ordinance 481, which is described in the legal section of the newspaper as “an ordinance providing for the appointment of city officers of the city of Dadeville as identified and set forth herein by law.”

“That ordinance is to unify the legislative and the judicial branch of the city operations,” Foster said. “It has the city council as appointing authority.”

The ordinance removes the power of appointment of certain city positions from the mayor and grants the authority to the city council. Those positions include fire chief, chief of police, city clerk, city attorney, city treasurer, municipal judge, municipal prosecutor, municipal public defender and building inspector.

Previously, the mayor would have proposed people to fill the positions. The proposals would have been approved by the city council and then officially appointed by the mayor. The mayor could appoint someone to one of the listed positions with or without the approval of the council.

“Now the council has that authority,” Foster said.

Foster said the ordinance was a “group effort of the city council.”

Foster said other subjects were addressed during the meeting, but he did not have his notes available and couldn’t remember what else had been discussed.

Mayor Joe Smith said he would have been present at the meeting if he had been aware of it.

“I didn’t know anything about it,” Smith said. Smith also did not have access to the meeting minutes.

Smith did not approve of Ordinance 481.

“I don’t like it at all,” Smith said.

The Oct. 29 meeting was the last meeting for the previous city council. The new council was sworn in Nov. 5.

The next Dadeville City Council meeting will be Nov. 13 at 5 p.m. at Dadeville City Hall.