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Circuit clerk race hinges on provisional votes

Published 11:38am Wednesday, November 7, 2012

As of Tuesday night, the vote totals showed Patrick Craddock had a six-vote lead over Steve Adams in the race for circuit clerk of Tallapoosa County.

Although the final outcome of the race still hinges on the provisional ballots that have yet to be counted, Craddock is treating the announcement like a victory.

“At this point, my understanding is we are six votes ahead,” Craddock said. “That is how we are going to approach it at this time.”

Craddock received 7,484 votes while Adams received 7,478.

Craddock said he had some representatives at the courthouse but waited for results at JR’s Sports Bar and Grill.

“It was a hard fought victory,” Craddock said. “We have worked really hard, and I feel like that paid off and helped us get over the hump.”

Adams could not be reached after the election.

The race did have a third contender, however, as Teresa Huff ran on the independent ticket. Huff picked up 3,347 votes for the night.

“I have had a lot of support throughout the county,” Huff said. “I believe I ran a very clean campaign.”

Despite the outcome, Huff said she wasn’t discouraged.

“I am not sad I ran, and I very well might run again,” Huff said. “I just hope that whoever wins does a very good job because that is what needs to happen.”

Randy Haynes, chairman of the Tallapoosa County Democratic party, was happy with the results.

“It’s a great victory for Patrick – he was the most qualified,” Haynes said. “The court system is under a lot of pressure due to financial issues, and it’s good that we’ll have someone knowledgeable in that position.”

Craddock said he was thankful for all that helped him during the campaign.

“I would like to thank all of our supporters out there – I couldn’t have done that by myself,” Craddock said.