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Alabamians cast amendment votes

Published 11:24am Wednesday, November 7, 2012

By David Goodwin, Outlook Staff Writer

Alabamians voted a number of constitutional amendments on Tuesday’s ballot.

The ballot questions included a measure to continue the Forever Wild land preservation program another 20 years, to repeal a 70 percent pay raise approved by the state Legislature in 2007, and two symbolic amendments that expressed the new Republican Legislature’s displeasure with federal initiatives by President Obama.

Also included were three measures to begin to clean up the long, complex state constitution. Two were technical and noncontroversial, while a third, Amendment 4, provoked a firestorm by removing racist, segregation-era language from the constitution, but also stating there is no basic right to an education.

RESULTS (by percentage), with 96 percent of state precincts reporting:

- Amendment 1, for the reauthorization of the Forever Wild program.
County: Yes 68, No 32
State:  Yes 75, No 25

- Amendment 2, to allow refinancing of state’s economic development bonds, to free up additional credit for attracting new industries.
County: Yes 67.6, No 32.4
State:  Yes 69, No 31

- Amendment 3, a local measure to protect a historic community in Baldwin County.
County: Yes 60.5, No 39.5
State:  Yes 68, No 32

- Amendment 4, to remove segregation-era language from the state constitution.
County: Yes 35.9, No 64.1
State: Yes 39, No 61

- Amendment 5, a local measure to combine water works of Prichard and Mobile.
County: Yes 67.6, No 32.4
State:  Yes 69, No 31

- Amendment 6, a symbolic measure to express displeasure with the federal health care reform.
County: Yes 57.1, No 42.9
State:  Yes 59, No 41

- Amendment 7, a symbolic measure related to the secrecy of votes to unionize.
County: Yes 60.9, No 39.1
State:  Yes 67, No 33

- Amendment 8, to repeal 2007 legislative pay raise and tie lawmakers’ pay to state’s median household income.
County: Yes 63.7, No 36.3
State: Yes 69, No 31

- Amendment 9, to repeal outdated provisions concerning private corporations, railroads and canals.
County: Yes 53.2, No 46.8
State:  Yes 58, No 42

- Amendment 10, to repeal outdated provisions regarding banks and banking.
County: Yes 49.7, No 50.3
State:  Yes 54, No 46

- Amendment 11, a local measure to prohibit outside municipalities from annexing portions of Lawrence County.
County: Yes 59.2, No 40.8
State:  Yes 66, No 34

Goodwin is the political editor for The Wetumpka Herald.