Nancy Dove was the speaker at the Alexander City Chamber of Commerce’s Eighth Annual Professional Development Summit and Business Expo. Dove spoke to the audience about setting goals and putting their best selves forward. | Alison James

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Summit encourages expressing best self

Published 12:30pm Friday, November 2, 2012

The Alexander City Chamber of Commerce’s Eighth Annual Professional Development Summit and Business Expo focused on helping local professionals sharpen their image with guest speaker Nancy Dove.

The summit and expo ran from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Several dozen people attended, browsing the business expo displays and listening to Dove’s words of encouragement.

“She just has a great message as well as a great presentation,” said chamber President and CEO Marvin Wagoner. “It’s been a really outstanding professional development summit.”

Dove works full time for Mary Kay Cosmetics, but she didn’t talk to the audience about lipstick or mascara. Her thoughts focused on being the best person you can be and reaching for new goals.

The program was divided into sessions, with Dove speaking for an hour at a time broken up by breaks to check out the business expo.

One of Dove’s sessions centered on being a balcony person instead of a basement person – the power of positive thinking.

“It may be harder on the balcony – more challenging on the balcony – especially if you’re afraid of heights,” Dove said. “(But) the view is fantastic.”

Dove encouraged the audience not to let anyone hold them back – to be balcony people.

Balcony people think nothing is impossible, they don’t get discouraged and they never settle for average.

“Average is safe, but it is also as close to the bottom as it is to the top,” Dove said. “It takes courage and confidence to reach for your dreams.”

Attendee Elisha Smith said the biggest thing she took from it was to “believe in yourself.”

“That might be the hardest thing for people to do – to think positively about what they can do,” Smith said. “It’s so easy to think negatively first.”

Dove said she wanted to speak at the summit because of a responsibility to share her positivity.

“I think when you are a positive individual, you have a responsibility to share that with other people,” Dove said. “I think it’s so important that when you are working to be successful in life, you work to influence other people. I think that if everybody had that same mindset, that would really make our world a better place.”