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Choose the most qualified candidate

Published 12:26pm Friday, November 2, 2012

Dear Editor,

I generally vote Republican because I do not agree with many of the policies put forth by the Democratic party.

On a local level, however, we have the ability to know the candidates and choose them based upon their individual qualification, notwithstanding the political party. I was recently shocked and disgusted by the recent mail out that I received from the Alabama Republican Party. This flier claimed that the two local Republican candidates for probate judge and circuit clerk were “pro-life,” “supportive of traditional marriage” and “defenders of second amendment rights.” This is ridiculous. The offices of probate judge and circuit clerk have no connection to these hot button issues.

For probate and circuit clerk, we should look at qualifications for the job. These jobs are directly related to our court system. These jobs require knowledge in the areas of adoptions, probate law, wills, estates, guardianships, jury trials, juror summons, court filings a civil legal procedure. The two Democratic candidates, Charles Gillenwaters and Patrick Craddock, are experienced lawyers with knowledge in all of the areas. The Republican candidates are nice men who have no such experience.

It seems that the Alabama Republican Party is simply trying to scare people into voting for unqualified candidates by calling the Democratic candidates’ names.


Jason M. Jackson