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Americans need to work together

Published 12:23pm Friday, November 2, 2012

Attention everyone! Warning! Alert! Can we just go up to the council of intelligent, caring, concerned people, groups, organizations, churches, ministries, schools, etc. and have a truce gathering?

After searching my heart and think about all the bickering, feuding and arguing among grown people, I feel we need to regroup and figure out what we can do to help one another and do what’s best for the United States of America.

Our children are watching us criticize, belittle and crucify each other over school issues, politics, denominations among churches and other issues that we cannot come to a good conclusion on to strive to become a better America and show kindness and love to all or at least learn to agree to disagree with peace.

Acts 15:1-35 – Please read if you desire.

The point is that there were disagreements among the people concerning circumcision. The law was saying to do it in Moses’ day, but now the Lord is saving people and not putting burdens on them.

The confusion started because of some disgruntled people who were trying to bind others with rituals that were irrelevant and no longer the way.

So the smart way was to get a group of level-headed people to go to the apostles and search out what was right. Oh! If we, as a people of the U.S.A., could just stop the warring long enough and leave our differences and think about our likenesses, we could become a nation in the land of freedom and bravery.

What happens in this passage of scripture was that the wise ones decided to tell the people to abstain from certain things that God would not allow or desire them to do. The conclusion is to forget about circumcision – the old way before God provided a new way.

In other words – do the main thing and you will be all right. The people came to a truce and everyone was satisfied and willing to work together in agreement.

I know it is hard to satisfy everyone, and I may not have done a great job trying to explain what I am attempting to say to us as citizens of the U.S.A.

Come on America! We are better than the negative images we are portraying to our children and other countries. I believe if we put our ideas together and start loving others more instead of judging and criticizing, we will lead a victorious life and birth a new generation of people who will excel in every area of our nation.

We can’t change the past; however, if we as a people refuse to work together, love together and help one another, we will be a bunch of citizens who will ruin ourselves, our children and future generations.

Think! Think! Think! What can I do to help reshape and build a better America where love and concern abound?

Let’s forgive the ignorance done in the past to cause hurt, harm, confusion and mistrust to bring about such bitterness and hatred. Let’s start anew, fresh, willing to remember history but not let it cause us to not begin a new day in a new way where the U.S.A. can become a nation where others can say “What a great nation of people working together!”

Moten is a guest columnist for The Outlook.