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Wish everyone ‘Merry Christmas’

Published 12:30pm Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear editor,

This has bothered me for many years and I feel I have to say something. Reading about the “holiday open houses” will be Dec. 2nd, I just think most of these store owners were either born in Alex City, or the South and you know, we were raised to call it what it is CHRISTMAS. Its Merry Christmas, NOT happy holiday, It is so disappointing to hear anything other than “Merry Christmas” when you greet someone, or have a store sale. Our rights are being taken away from us more and more and if we do not stand UP for our RIGHTS, then we will lose all of them. Its time we take Christmas back, celebrate the birth of our Christ Jesus. Its CHRISTMAS, not just a holiday. Please please, all you store owners make your signs to signify that it is “Christmas Open House”. You will be trying to sell your Christmas gifts by the way.

In closing I would like to wish everyone a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Gloria Wilson