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Time is now for four team playoff

Published 11:04am Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hey, I’m like a five-year-old kid with a burning question—why wait?
It is time to dump the BCS and immediately kick-start the playoff system.
It is time to gather the college football version of the bishops in Rome and convene an emergency meeting to bring in the new format before total chaos breaks out.
Face the facts; we are on a collision –course for possibly four-teams finishing with undefeated seasons.
Imagine that!
Alabama, Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame could very well end up in a four-way-mess. None of these teams face each other-until the BCS—playoffs.
This could end up real ugly, with Kansas State and Oregon being left out.
What sounds better, Alabama and Notre Dame or one of the other two teams?
That is where this is headed unless Oregon gets a bump from the computers.
Oregon is hot with the human vote and they finish with No. 17 USC this Saturday, No. 14 Stanford and No. 11 Oregon State.  That will surely help with the computers.
Kansas State only has No. 24 Oklahoma State and No. 23 Texas remaining as far as ranked teams.
Notre Dame has a date in the Coliseum with USC on November 24th. This could decide the fate of the Irish and a spot in the title game.
No. 1 Alabama visits No. 5 LSU this Saturday and if the Tigers defeat the Crimson Tide and the other three teams continue to win, then it could very well end the SEC playing in the championship game.
Until this weekend, Alabama has not been tested by anyone.  A lot of that is due to their strength of schedule and the preseason perception that Michigan and Arkansas should be ranked.
LSU is at home and their defense is stout. Alabama will run at the undersized defensive ends, but they are very athletic and held their own last season against the Crimson Tide.
LSU has been battle-test this season, playing Florida, South Carolina and Texas A&M.
Both teams will run the ball and play field-position.
This game will come down to either LSU punter Brad Wing pinning Alabama deep in their own zone then capitalizing on field position, or Alabama on a late field goal attempt from Cade Foster, who is three for five from 50 yards or more.
The advantage should go to Alabama and the running game.  Everyone considers their offensive line as the best in the country, but this is LSU, so we shall see.
Until LSU proves they can throw the ball, I will lean towards a Crimson Tide win in Baton Rouge.
The Oregon Ducks will invade the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for a highly anticipated showdown with the penalty -ridden Trojans.
USC leads the nation in penalties, while Oregon leads the nation in points scored with 53.4 per game. The Ducks are also 3rd in the nation in rushing, averaging 330.6 yards per game.
The difference between this Ducks team and the one that lost late to Auburn is their defense and their quarterback. Oregon is well known for their offense, but the defense is now ranked 24th in the nation and is very athletic.
Freshman quarterback Marcus Mariota is a dual-threat quarterback, unlike the previous undersized Darren Thomas.    Mariota has thrown for 18 touchdowns while also running for 378 yards and three touchdowns.
USC head coach Lane Kiffin has proven he is not that good and the talented Trojans are paying the price with an inept coach who makes poor game-management decisions.
Alabama and Oregon move forward towards a meeting in Miami.
Until next time.
Meyers is a college football columnist.