Cafeteria manager Carol Richmond shrouded herself in black and took to spooking the Councill Middle School students during lunchtime on Halloween. | Alison James

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Councill Middle School Cafeteria covered in the holiday spirit

Published 12:19pm Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ghosts and bats, severed body parts and skeletons – this isn’t the makings of a hair-raising haunted house. It’s the Halloween décor of Councill Middle School’s Tiger Pride Cafeteria.

“We usually try to decorate for every holiday,” said cafeteria manager Carol Richmond. “The middle school kids aren’t too big to have fun, and they get into it.”

Richmond, along with her sister, a friend, and another cafeteria worker, gave the cafeteria a spooky overhaul for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Students got to enjoy the thrills and chills of witches gliding over the food line, bats hanging over their tables and a mop that moved on its own, along with pumpkins, skeletons, eyeballs, rats and bloodied body parts.

“It’s a very positive environment here in the lunchroom,” Richmond said. “It’s no-stress, all fun, and decorating it just adds to that. They like to come in here and eat.”

Richmond had already accumulated some decorations, but she said she purchased more this year to really deck the room out.

“We try to make it fun, and they respond by coming in and participating. It’s a win-win,” Richmond said. “It’s just as much fun for me as it is for them.”