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Life, reality and the world of NCAAF

Published 10:04am Thursday, October 25, 2012

About twice a year I find myself addressing the issues surrounding college football and the “mental midget mentality” of certain school fan bases, which for whatever reason, have nothing more to do in life than denigrate the faithful fans of other college football programs.
Now most everyone knows by now, I am not a fan of the “sidewalk alumni”, and most definitely not a fan of those who think because they go purchase a few stickers and car flags, that they have the right to belittle and defame anyone in their path that resembles the opponent.
I am not saying that everyone can’t speak their mind or voice an opining. No, that is not where I am going here.
My contention is this, if you have an objection or criticism of your opponent, keep it civil and while you are running your mouth, make some sense of what you are saying.
You know, bring something to the dance kind of stuff.
I have always been told if you have a complaint, have a solution. Don’t just spew your venom because you can.
When you are talking about say an Auburn, who is struggling at this moment in football, remember that the kids who play on that team also can read. They are 17-21 year-olds who put it on the line every day during practice and on Saturday, just so you can be entertained.
Remember that there are thousands of faithful alumni who are also paying for their children’s education and if anyone has the right to criticize, it would be those who actually have ties to the institution.
I doubt anyone is transferring to another college because their football team is struggling.
I mention Auburn because of the location and also the history between Auburn and the University of Alabama.
How many times have you heard “I hate Auburn” or “I hate Alabama?”
Next time you hear this and you are an alumnus or have legitimate ties to either university, ask that person if he or she ever attended that school.
Then ask then why the hate?
Yours truly moved here in 1993 from Southern California.
In all my years of attending USC Trojans games and living in an area much closer to UCLA (Westwood) than the USC campus, I never once encountered the hate that is so prevalent here.
I have heard things like “I will not drive through Auburn”, or” they are nothing more than a cow town. “
I can tell you this, I am a huge fan of the movies and I can’t tell you how many times I have had dinner and went to a first-run movie in Westwood Village.
Do I dislike UCLA?
Yes I do, but it has zero to do with football.
Remember I said that if you have a complaint, at least be civil and have something that is worthy of a complaint.
Like USC, UCLA is an institution that pride itself as one of the top 25 schools in the entire nation in academics and world recognition. which also includes all the Ivy League schools.
UCLA and the John Wayne Cancer hospital also saved my life in 1986.
No, my heartburn with UCLA comes from their past liberal views and their stance during the Vietnam conflict and later the Iranian hostage situation. They allowed Iranian students to protest outside the Veterans building on Wilshire Boulevard, two blocks from the Bruin campus.
Let me clue the “clueless” in on a little secret.
Life is not about college football.
War Eagle and Roll Tide
Until next time.
Meyers is a college football columnist.

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