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Become informed about amendments

Published 10:15am Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear Editor,

Nov. 6 we as voters will go to the poll and vote on several amendments, which I – and probably many voters – have little clue what are really about.

The Outlook is running the amendments in the paper to try to inform us. The only problem is that the writing in the legal notices section is so small that I cannot read it with my glasses on, and they are so crammed together with so many sentences that it makes it difficult to read.

I contacted The Outlook and explained that the information was too crammed together for voters to read and comprehend, in my opinion. I was told that all legal were done this way, and I can understand their policies. Thanks to The Outlook for placing the amendments in the legal notices section as required by law.

Elections are just a few weeks away. Voters, let’s ask questions before we go to the polls and vote yes or no for amendments that will affect every citizen.

I am sure that The Outlook and other agencies will be writing articles and talking more about the amendments as the election draws nearer. As citizens and voters, let’s pay close attention, so that we can make the appropriate choice.

These amendments are serious and should not be voted on lightly. The decisions that we as voters make are binding. Let’s get knowledge, wisdom and understanding about these so hopefully we can make the best choices to help our communities, cities, states and country be better for all individuals.

Teresa Harrell Moten