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Sunny Level Cutoff repair begins Monday

Published 9:12am Saturday, October 20, 2012

The city street department will begin work Monday to repair a culvert on Sunny Level Cutoff between Campbell Road and Voss Road.

City Engineer Gerard Brewer estimated that Sunny Level Cutoff will be closed for three to four weeks, with a detour established for residential traffic on Kerlin Avenue, Holman Street and Nolen Drive.

“(The date of completion) highly depends on the weather,” Brewer said. “We’re at the back end of the predictable weather season. But we’ll be ready to put traffic back on the road in three weeks to a month, assuming there isn’t an excessive amount of rain.”

Brewer said the street department will block off the street Monday between 9 and 10 a.m. – after “rush hour.”

“Then we’ll block the street up and put up detour signs … to bypass the work area,” Brewer said. “The entire road will be cut and removed. There will literally be no way to pass through there.”

Brewer said the street department had “discussed in detail” the affected roads with police, fire department and EMS.

Brewer said the culvert project, which is being completed in-house, will cost about $35,000.

“One reason it’s needed is because there is flooding at the road there,” Brewer said. “It goes without saying that water crossing a road on a fairly routine basis is unacceptable. The original culvert has been there (between) 50-100 years, and it’s begun to fail. It’s causing restriction in flow, which is why it won’t pass water.”

Sunny Level Cutoff is also part of the city’s ATRIP project grant, and Brewer said the culvert needs to be updated before the road can be paved.

“We want to be through with this and have it out of the way before we do final asphalting in this area,” Brewer said. “It would be irresponsible, especially from the public perception, to pave the road and then dig it up the next day to pave the culvert. That’s what has brought on the urgency.”

Brewer encouraged everyone to avoid this area if possible during the next few weeks.

“If you can’t avoid this area, travel very cautiously through the detour,” Brewer said. “We’re taking what is normally a collector road’s amount of traffic and routing it through a residential area. There are children playing in the neighborhood and things like that. Be patient and cautious, and avoid it altogether if possible.”