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Great deals, gifts at bazaar

Published 2:19pm Friday, October 19, 2012

I have never really acquired a taste for shopping.

My mom can go up and down the aisles of stores for hours upon hours looking for nothing in particular. She enjoys hunting for the best deals, and she will persevere until she finds it.

My dad and I are the complete opposite – we like to buy, not shop. The second my dad and I walk into a store, we have already made the decision on what to buy.

There is no idle wandering or searching for a deal. I decide what to buy before I have to battle the crowds.

Yesterday I went to cover the blessing of the crosses at St. James Episcopal Church, which also served as a preview of the goods that will be available at the church’s upcoming Christmas Bazaar. The bazaar doesn’t open until Nov. 10, so I figured this would be the perfect time to pick a cross I was interested in.

But after perusing the selection and making a mental note of a few that I would come back to purchase, I soon found myself in unfamiliar territory.

I had wandered away from the crosses and had started eyeing a few other goods. By the time I had to head back to the office, I had found two more things to buy. I had actually – gasp – shopped (or at least pre-shopped).

I now know where I will be on Nov. 10, and I would suggest anyone who wants to find some unique gifts for Christmas do the same.

I guess the reason I think events like this are such a good idea is because they embody the spirit of Christmas – it is truly better to give than receive.

Not only will you have a unique item to gift to a friend, but your purchase will allow St. James to give back to the community.

A lot of the gifts there – including baked goods, ceramic crosses and fish platters – are handmade by our friends and neighbors right here in Tallapoosa County.

And they are all one of a kind – you can guarantee that the person on your list won’t receive an identical item this Christmas.

Kudos to St. James for orgnzaing a second annual Chirstmas Bazaar.

Maybe I’ll see you there – but that green chip/dip fish platter is mine. I call dibs.

Nelson is news editor for The Outlook.