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Is that controversy that I hear brewing?

Published 9:26am Thursday, October 18, 2012

I am going to be real careful with my wording, so I do not offend the diehard fan, especially the fan wearing blinders. The BCS is just plain, well, just drop the “C” and you will get the picture.
The BCS system was designed to eliminate any controversy, but all it has done is create the most convoluted and maybe the most corrupt system in college sports.
Remember this, forget the computers, whoever the human polls want in, will get in.  The top two teams will not be decided by a computer, but by the bias surrounding college football.
The preconceived notion that the SEC will or should have a team in the BCS championship game, even with one-loss is just not true.
Don’t tell me an undefeated Oregon, Kansas State or Notre Dame would not be worthy of jumping a one-loss SEC team.
It is highly possible, that every SEC team will have at least one loss, including the untested to this point, Alabama Crimson Tide.
Yes, you may not like to read this, but just like I picked Texas Tech over West Virginia last week, I feel there are as many as four- teams in for a rough time this Saturday.
Alabama will need to hold Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray and the passing game in check. The Vols can light up the scoreboard and until now, Alabama has not faced this type of offense.  If Tennessee can hold Alabama to less than 30, they have a good chance of an upset.
LSU has played two games away from Baton Rouge.  They lost to Florida 14-6 and bareley squeezed by a pitiful Auburn team, 12-10. Only a last minute field-goal by Florida separates Texas A&M from an undefeated season so far.
Call it anything you wish, but both Alabama and LSU should be on upset-alert.
Kansas State plays at West Virginia and this may be the end of the run for Bill Snyder’s Wildcats. If you want offense, this will be the game to watch. Both Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein and West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith are virtually unstoppable.
I see Florida winning without much difficulty over South Carolina.
Look for both LSU and South Carolina to suffer a second loss for the season and eliminating both teams from any national title chances.
Another team that should be concerned is Oregon, who travels to play at Arizona State tonight on ESPN.  Like LSU, the Ducks are a different team when away from the confines of Autzen stadium.
Try not to go crazy the next few weeks trying to figure out who needs to lose to get your team into a BCS bowl game. Just when you think you have figured it all out, it will certainly change.
Prediction: Auburn keeps its losing streak alive and gets dumped at Vanderbilt.
Until next time.
Meyers is a college football columnist.