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Shaw is serious about being mayor

Published 11:45am Friday, October 5, 2012

Dear Editor, 

After reading Thursday’s Outlook I was very disappointed on the comments about mayoral candidate Charles Shaw. First of all there was a column that stated that the Chamber of Commerce, The Outlook and the candidates discussed and planned the forum that would have been held Thursday, Oct. 4.

Which candidates did they discuss it with?

To my knowledge there was a letter sent out stating time and place of the forum and for them to be there, not a discussion about if everyone would be able to make it on that date.

That is probably the reason the other candidates in the district runoffs opted out. Don’t say something was planned and agreed on when it wasn’t.

Second, there was a forum held in July and candidate Charles Shaw was there.

When you say that “it is very unsettling that some candidates in this election are choosing to avoid public interaction,” I take offense to that. What is public interaction to you?

Is it trying to make someone look bad through an article in the local newspaper?

Well to me it is when I get a knock at my door from a candidate who is trying to make known who they are and what they stand for.

Alexander City is a small town and most people know one another, but I personally did not know Charles Shaw until one day when I received a knock at my door. He introduced himself to me, talked with me about why he was running for mayor and what he stood for as far as his values – that is public interaction to me.

Elections should be about what the candidate has to offer and how bad they want to get their point across.

The funny thing is I voted for Mark Lamborne in the first election, but when I saw how hard Mr. Shaw was working to make himself known to people, my views changed.

Mr. Lamborne chose to answer questions for The Outlook, and Mr. Shaw chooses to go from door to door – that’s their personal choice.

The Outlook should just print his responses without making negative comments about Mr. Shaw.

If you have to try to compare one candidate to the other so the other one looks bad, then you shouldn’t print anything about election candidates.

To me it looks as if whoever is writing the articles is trying to persuade people into voting for Mr. Lamborne.

Citizens of Alexander City, please do not go off of things that you have read about Mr. Shaw. I personally think he is a great candidate.

His motto is “proven experience that I will put to work for the people of Alexander City as your mayor.”

I believe he will.

He has proven to me his seriousness about becoming mayor. Thank you for your time.

Jessica Phillips  

  • Char Aznable

    Where are these negative comments at? They printed the reasons that he gave for not attending. The negative comments came from Charles Shaw, not the outlook. I looked up your quotes, but they are not from the articles that were published.

    You claim to not know Charles very well, but somehow you know about the letter he got? Could it be any more obvious that you are closely connected to Mr. Shaw?

  • ClaryFray

    Here is how I see it: you should always stick with your initial decision. Second guessing yourself never helps anyone.

    If all it took to persuade you to swap your vote was a knock on the door, than I am truly sorry that you never received a knock from Mark. He has been hitting the pavement hard 6 nights a week since he announced his candidacy.

    The article announcing the forum being cancelled in the Outlook was not unfair or slanted in any way. It is sad that Charles Shaw could not show up for the forum, but I fail to see where he tried to reschedule it. From everything I have seen of Mark, he is a flexible guy who wants what is best for the city.

    Every one allowed to vote in this great country has to be an adult. If Charles Shaw did not like how the Outlook was treating him, he should have sat down and had a mature discussion about it instead of only giving comments that led to him being portrayed poorly.