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Mayor supports decision to opt out of forum

Published 11:45am Friday, October 5, 2012

Dear Editor, 

If the current political tactics had been used when I was running for city council sixteen (16) years ago or when I ran for Mayor eight years ago, I would have made the same decision  concerning the forum as Charles Shaw and the other candidates who chose not to participate.

I cannot remember a time that the local newspaper endorsed a candidate before the primary or any time having a second forum.  Of course, the paper has every right under “The right to know,”  but to bash the candidates for their decision not to participate, suggesting some fear or reluctance to be open and transparent with the public, is misleading.  Your editorial plants that idea in the minds of people who do not know Charles Shaw.

We who do know him and have worked with him on a personal basis as well as professional level know him as an honest, thoughtful person who makes his decisions after careful consideration.

If all  of the candidates had been given the questions and been able to give their honest thoughtful opinions on what was best for the city and how they would handle those challenges, the public would have received better more informed answers from all candidates.

I fear that The Outlook has become so embroiled in this election promoting one candidate that you have lost the perspective of an objective critic.

I am not looking for an accomplished orator.  I am looking for a candidate who will move us forward in a truly transparent direction.  The federal government has produced “orators” and look where we are!


Barbara H. Young,