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Applauding candidates who didn’t participate

Published 11:45am Friday, October 5, 2012

Dear Editor, 

As a citizen of Alex City and reader of this newspaper, I am truly disappointed by your lack of fairness in articles that have been written during this election. We, as voters, have the right to decide who the best candidates are for the future of Alex City.

I applaud each of the candidates that did not participate in the second forum and the video questions.

This is their campaign and their strategy should be controlled by the candidate and not by a biased newspaper.

The Chamber of Commerce and The Outlook are not controlling the future of this city. I personally would like to see the chamber focusing on bringing in new retail industry instead of getting involved with politics.

This paper came out and endorsed their candidates for the municipal election. When this was done, they became a part of the process and that’s when “objectivity” went out the window.

They became involved instead of truly being a fair reporting source. They have a hidden agenda that has now become public. Who are they to tell us whom we need to vote for?

I am impressed with several candidates in this race for their ability to stand up for themselves and not fall prey to media manipulation.

Hopefully, this is a trait they will carry with them into office when elected by our citizens.

It’s obvious that you handpick your “letters to the editor” based on your unfair agenda. Please consider printing mine.

I’ve chosen not to endorse a candidate in my letter but instead endorse “fairness in our local elections.”

Your intentions are very clear and also insult the intelligence of the citizens of Alex City and their ability to choose our leaders.

Mr. Boone, we’ve done just fine without your endorsements in the past, and why you chose this election to endorse any candidate is truly an interesting topic in itself.

Patti Walker

  • wildflower

    We have two candidates for mayor who are good and sincere men. They have both run a clean campaign with little or no mud slinging. They both have worked hard with door to door campaigning, spent lots of money with advertising in all forms of media. Recently, the cancellation of the forum due to lack of participation of about half of the candidates has created some criticism of the Outlook and its Owner for unfairly supporting or endorsing candidates. With regard to Mr. Shaw and his supporters, these criticisms have been highly publicised in the Outlook. My take on this is that it is STILL a free country–free to accept or decline the invitation to speak at the forum or to answer questions in a one on one interview from the Outlook. I believe strongly in the right of the candidate to make that decision, however, I also believe that once you make that decision mature and responsible citizens own up and accept responsibility for the decision they make. I say “Man up”. Act like an adult and accept responsibility for your own decisions. Don’t try to blame others for your own decision.
    I hope every citizen who can will vote in this upcoming election. When you step into that voting booth there will only be you and your vote. Vote for Alex City, not for your friend or church member.