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Alex City needs leader to fight to end

Published 11:45am Friday, October 5, 2012

Dear Editor and Alexander City citizens,

Troop 169 attended the movie Monday night and saw a great American movie, Last Ounce of Courage.  It renewed what I have been taught by my parents and family and learned through studying our U.S. history.

I spoke to a few of the scouts and they all agreed that it was a great movie but a little sad in the way things are moving.

As Americans, we need to stand up more for our Constitutional Rights and freedoms, starting at our local level.

This week we learned that some candidates for the upcoming city elections decided not to participate in the candidate forum for one reason or another, thus causing the cancellation of the forum.

It disturbs me greatly that candidates in our town want to represent the citizens without the discomfort of being put in a room full of citizens being represented, being asked questions on the spot and having to be accountable for your own views and viewpoints.

One candidate made comment that since the local paper choose to voice their opinion, not in their favor, then they didn’t see any point in participating and fighting for the position they sought.

You would think that an individual would want to fight harder and show the citizens – publicly – they are the right person for the position.

Another said that it was so late in the game that it would not make a difference.  Well, I want someone representing Alex City that does fight until the end!

We don’t tell our kids with a minute to go in the game, down by 20 points, that there is no need to do anymore and it’s not going to matter. Are you kidding me?!

We need to wake up, Alexander City!

A citizen of Alexander City said it best earlier in the week:  “If you are not going to play, then don’t dress out!”

Gaius Dean