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Wagoner celebrated with surprise retirement party

Published 12:13pm Friday, September 28, 2012

A surprise retirement party was held on Monday, Sept. 24 at Queen’s Attic to celebrate Marvin Wagoner’s dedicated service to the Alexander City Chamber of Commerce. Beer and wine were provided and guests were served heavy hors d’oeuvres such as meatballs, assorted sandwiches, fruit and dip spreads.

SPOTTED: Lou Ann Wagoner, Kim Dunn, Hagan Wagoner, Burke Wagoner, Londyn Wagoner, Reed Wagoner, Cade Wagoner, Hayes Wagoner, Jennifer Wagoner, Robert Gunn, Randa Marlow, Jennifer and Tommy Spraggins, Ellen and Terry Martin, Sue Tate, Susie Kelley, Diane Lemmond, Fred Dobbs, Johnny Dark, Bobby Chapman, Jimmy Abbett, Harold Cochran, Joe Robinson, Wayne Cowhick, Roger Holliday, Janet Price, Jay Hare, Mary Shockley, Jim Spann, David Scott, Reggie Dean, AJ Price, Linda Gunn, Susan Foy, Jim Peace, Susie Hardy, Doug Roberts, Gloria Sinclair, Leon Archer, and Dan Meeks.

Betty Barnett (or Bunny, as her grandchildren affectionately call her) held a luncheon at her lovely Glynmere home this past Wednesday for Haley Barnett (of Atlanta) and Katie Barnett (of Virginia), her two daughters-in-law, who are both having baby girls. The majority of guests wore pink to celebrate the little miracles and fresh flowers filled the dining area.

Chicken salad croissants were served, along with fruit skewers, cheese straws, pork tenderloin, and wild rice salad. Delicious strawberry and vanilla Baby Bites from Pastry Art in Birmingham prompted all present to consider working out after lunch. Haley and Katie were gifted baby bibs, stuffed animals, bonnets, onesies, smocked dresses, washcloths and towels, play mats and Auburn tees. Guests laughed and bonded over past war stories regarding both dropped and forgotten babies, while emphasizing that children are quite resilient.

SPOTTED: Lee Barnett, Kay Thomas, Carrie Phillips, Jane Howell, Richie Radney, Cindy Holliday, Georgia Weathers, Jan Jung, Ella MacFiggen, and Lauren Tinley. 

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