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Gallery hosts opening reception for local artists

Published 12:01pm Friday, September 14, 2012

Benjamin Russell High School junior Hallie Bain participated in Homewood, Alabama’s Fashion Night Out on Sept. 6. Bain was selected as a model for the ladies’ boutique, Molly Green. Hallie modeled a peplum top and black patterned pencil skirt by Trina Cobb, a fashion design senior at Auburn University. Hair and make up were 1920s inspired and styled by Aveda Institute students.

Gallery 128 at Emporium Wine held its Opening Reception for local artists Virginia Bradshaw and Catie Radney Monday afternoon at 5 p.m.

Catie’s paintings, as described in the program, are “ultimately about the act, the process of living” and her mission is “to explore the painter’s struggle to breathe life into flat forms and through that process to reflect the physic rigors of the human condition.  Her paintings are intimate but open, private but shared journeys.”

Virginia’s works include painting, drawing, bronze, found object sculpture, ceramics, semi-precious stonework and glass painting. She has traveled all over the world to visit and study cultures and in major national and international museums.

Everyone in town should take time before Sept. 28 to check out the exhibit.

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Pat Bice hosted Bridge Club in her beautiful Willow Point home Tuesday morning. She prepared and served a superb spinach quiche, grits, fruit salad and biscuits.

SPOTTED: Edith Blankenship, Elinor Roberts, Sarah Clegg, Blanche Warr, Adelia Coker, Susan Holdridge, Nancy Watwood and Buffie Williamson.

Leadership Lake Martin hosted its annual class retreat Wednesday and Thursday at Children’s Harbor on Lake Martin. The class took a highly informative guided tour of Martin Dam. They were divided into their project groups and began preliminary discussions of service ideas. The class participated in many classic leadership activities and exercises including skits, an obstacle course, and problem solving games. Dick Bronson, retired colonel of the United States Army, and his wife Mary Ann were the guest speakers after a low country boil.

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