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The reason for a four team playoff in 2014

Published 9:54am Thursday, September 6, 2012

It took only one game, a win by USC 49-10 over Hawaii to drop them to the No.2 spot in the Associated Press media poll. Yet, in the USA Today coach’s poll, USC moved up a notch, from No. 3 to No. 2 – for the same 49-10 win over Hawaii.
Welcome to ‘poll’ vaulting at the 2012 BCS Olympics.
This just shows how utterly bias and meaningless polls really are and why they have been for decades. You do not pick a champion with a vote; you decided it on the field with teams involved with a playoff system.
Take nothing away from Alabama and the thumping of No. 8 Michigan 41-14 in Arlington, Texas.
Part of the problem is that the Associated Press voters and coaches based moving Alabama to the No. 1 on the possible fraudulent premise that Michigan was that good in the first place.
The Trojans are not the only team scratching their heads. LSU got bounced from No. 1 to No. 3 in the coaches’ poll after defeating North Texas .Maybe they were self-correcting after LSU suspended cornerback Tyrann Mathieu.
Tell it like it is: There is no credible reason to drop two No. 1 teams in one day after 39 and 27-point wins.
I wonder what they will do after Alabama plays Western Kentucky from the mighty Sun Belt Conference this weekend. Will they penalize Bama when they play Western Carolina on November 17?
Early indication from voters is that any team, who schedules a lower division opponent, may run the risk of losing votes. Beginning in 2014, these games will not count in the overall standings.
I am against any preseason polls. They sell papers and get the fan base stirring, but that is all.
Why not wait three or even four weeks before beginning the polls? Give everyone an adjustment window to sort things out.
Why not wait for USC to play Stanford while Alabama plays Arkansas on September 15. Could a much improved Washington surprise LSU this coming weekend?
LSU looked no different than they did in 2011. They changed quarterbacks, but they still look vanilla on offense.
LSU plays Towson on Saturday September 29.  Towson, like Western Carolina, is from a lower division.
Since USC is back in the picture, it must be noted that they are the only team to have never scheduled another team from a lower division. The Pac-10 was mandated to play every team in the conference until they expanded to 12 teams. They still play nine conference games and a conference championship game.
The SEC, still plays eight conference games, even though they expanded to 12 teams—go figure.
If you posture yourself as the best conference in all of college football, why not play nine conference games, like just about every other automatic qualifying BCS conference?
If they must have preseason polls, they should start with the way it ended up the previous year. In this case, Alabama should have started No. 1 in the polls.
Auburn has its back to the wall and this game against Mississippi State is a must win for the Tigers.
If they fail to bring home a win, look for them to begin the season at 1-3.  Besides their non-conference games, I only see one, possibly two conference games they will be favored in.
They looked confused and totally out of rhythm on offense. The defense gave up too many big plays.
Brain Surgeon Bowl: Vanderbilt plays at Northwestern Saturday night.  I can hear the dialog between players in the huddle now: “Don’t drop the forcips.”
Top four teams this week are Alabama, USC, LSU and Oregon.  Playoff system – Fast forward to November 3.
Until next time.
Meyers is a college football columnist.