Linda Rutland, Joy Watts and Patty Twyman were busy Tuesday putting together the finishing touches for Alexander City Apostolic Church’s 17th Annual Ladies’ Tea, featuring the theme “More Than Just a Doll.” The tea will be Sept. 15. | Alison James

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Church ladies are more than just dolls

Published 12:00pm Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alexander City Apostolic Church has been getting all dolled up, and the ladies of the congregation are nearly ready for their 17th Annual Ladies’ Tea Sept. 15.

“Every year we have this, and we come up with an idea,” event organizer Patty Twyman said. “I usually go on the Internet and see what I can find. This year, I found ‘More Than a Doll.’”

Twyman adopted the idea, modifying it slightly to “More Than Just a Doll” for this year’s theme. The church’s pastor Hugh Twyman explained the meaning.

“Doll, according to Webster’s, means empty-headed,” Twyman said. “We’re more than just a doll. God made us what we are – we’re the image of Him.”

To really drive the theme home, Patty and other event organizers have filled the church building with dolls – more than 200, by Patty’s estimation.

A stuffed dog that is special to Patty has a place of honor in a rocking chair at one corner of the stage. The dog was purchased for her first grandchild, has been loved by the five grandchildren who followed and is now being enjoyed by the first great-grandchild.

But this dog is no Spot or Fido.

“We just asked (my grandson), what do you want to name it?” Patty said. “And he said ‘Burger.’”

So Burger he’s been for roughly 25 years.

Many dolls that will be present have a story. Like the large baby doll Twyman gave to a fellow church member while she was hospitalized with a brain tumor, which was returned to Twyman after the woman died. Or the “Snow Queen” geisha doll Twyman’s sister’s husband brought back for her from Japan when he was stationed there in the 1960s. Not to mention one of the oldest sets of dolls, the “grandma and grandpa” dolls event organizer Linda Rutland made for her mother in 1968 to share with the grandkids when they came over.

The dolls won’t, however, be the only attendees. Places are set at the tea tables to accommodate 75 people. Twyman said in the past they have usually had between 45–70 people.

Sheree Linville of Macon, Ga., will be the speaker for the event. Finger sandwiches, veggies and dip and cobblers will be served, and each guest will have a special paper doll to take home with them.

Tickets are $12 for adults, $7 for those 12 and younger and free for those younger than 7.

“We’re looking for a big turnout this year,” Twyman said. “We just look forward to it every year – it’s just a big thing for us. A lot of the ladies in town look for it.”

The church is located at 3708 Robinson Road. For more information or to purchase a ticket, call 256-496-2774.