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Amen, the college football season is back

Published 11:44am Thursday, August 30, 2012

After a long and dreadful off-season, college football has finally returned.  If you did not read my column right after the spring practices was done, I mentioned that this will be the hardest period of time for the coaches and the players.
I will not rewind the bad news, but I will remind you that “I told you so”, when it comes to these kids who feel they are untouchable.
Narcissism runs rampant throughout the world of college football, with the Southeastern Conference leading the way with the number of off the field violations and suspensions.
Even under the watchful eyes of “Touchdown Jesus”, Notre Dame had its share of violators and thugs.
The latest being last week’s suspension of their best running back, Cierre Wood.
Prediction: Losing to Navy in Dublin, Ireland Saturday morning will be the beginning of the end for Brian Kelly at Notre Dame.  Another Amen.
It is now time to get out the car flags, decals and face paint, clear your throats and practice a little “War Eagle” and “Roll Tide” as you pass by someone on the street.
For those of you in a home –divided situation, here is a suggestion that may help you get through the season.  One of you moves out until the end of the season!
No, I’m just kidding, but how about creating your own version of a preseason agreement, kind of like a prenuptial.  That way, neither partner will need to sleep with one eye open, nor feel the urgency to give a sample of the food placed before to your pet prior to consumption.
Seriously, if a simple football game can cause you or your partner to go “whacko”’, then I would suggest doing the following:
Immediately turn on a good hockey game.  You will both come back to reality or you will learn how to give a great hip-check and use this move the next time you feel the need.
I mentioned a few weeks ago what the SEC has achieved for the past decade is unprecedented and everyone surrounding this conference should be proud. It appears that 2012 will be more of the same, with multiple teams emerging from the SEC as legitimate national championship contenders.
Thursday night starts the first week with South Carolina visiting Vanderbilt, and Texas A&M at Louisiana-Monroe.
Vanderbilt will be a tough game for every opponent and no one should take them lightly. This game is very-very close.
Prediction: Close for three-quarters but the Gamecocks pull this one out.
Friday night has Boise State on the road at Michigan State.  After this year, the Broncos are without a conference.  Both teams are in the AP top 25.
Prediction: Toss-up, both have new quarterbacks. Give the edge to “Sparty” because they are at home.
On Saturday, Alabama and Michigan look good on paper but I see a boring game with both teams unable to score points early.  If Denard Robinson is allowed to run around, watch out.  If the speed of Bama stops Robinson from running around, especially on broken plays, I see the Crimson Tide shutting the door on any sustained drives from Michigan. Bama will be able to run the ball all day long.
Prediction:  Alabama in a yawner.
Auburn and Clemson (Georgia Dome)
Questions: will anyone be able to play defense?  Will Auburn be able to run the ball between the tackles?   In 2011, Auburn finished 105th in the nation in passing yards per game.
Even without Sammy Watkins, Clemson has too many offensive weapons. More important, a loss to Clemson will drop Auburn out of the top 25- possibly for the entire season.
Prediction: Clemson
Until next time.
Meyers is a college football columnist.